I'd like to change my profile name. Is it possible? also would like to reach out to other members

I was trying to change my profile name and also reach out directly to other members. We used to be able to do this on the old boards. Thanks for helping:-)

There is no way to message or email other board members. TMF lawyers recommended against it.

Years ago, a troll, using TMF messaging, was able to identify the real name and employer of a poster. The troll tried to use the information to get the user fired. TMF doesn’t want that risk


Ok - does that mean that if we want to be open to communication, we should put our email address in our messages? And how do I change my screenname?

If you want off-board communication, you can post your email address.

Changing your username does not seem to be enabled. This is something the @moderators can answer.


@FoolfromParis007 if you change your username on the main Fool site it will update here the next time you login. Just go to this page: https://www.fool.com/account/username/