IRS Online Account

It seems darn near impossible to speak to a person from the IRS when I’ve had any questions about my tax filings, so yesterday I created an online account with the IRS. It has 3 layers of security checks, I believe, so seems secure. So perhaps next year, if I want to ask simple questions like " has the IRS received my tax filings", I’ll be able to actually get an answer.

Time will tell if that turns out to be true, but it can’t hurt.


I’ve had an IRS account for a few years now, and it’s definitely useful. I can go there and see a transcript of my last return, but probably the most useful thing (for me), is a transaction history for my account. So I see when they received a filing, when they started processing it, when refund processing started, etc. Unless you have dead simple taxes (in which case you probably aren’t here :laughing:), definitely recommended.



I’ve submitted our tax returns electronically ever since TurboTax offered it - maybe since about 2000. I read this thread and decided to open up an IRS Online Account. Geez - no-one said it would be as much of a PITA as it is to open one.

The process is quite involved. Unfortunately, it would not take my face scan so I had to go the route of a “video call”. I’m waiting in line “on-line” and it has been 30 minutes so far. I’m watching a little “count down” clock counting down for my video call. I’ve got another 18 minutes to go…

I also had to upload front and rear of my drivers license and a photo of my passport.

I hope all of the aggravation is going to be worth it :wink:

I signed up before the stuff was added, so have never been through it, although it sounds kind of nightmarish. Wonder if it actually helps with security or just creates a single target for hackers…