IDN Micro Cap, Not a Saul stock, but...

OK, I’ll admit it. I got sort of sucked in on a pump and dump on this tiny company, but I had a little advantage, their HQ was in my neighborhood (Port Townsand, WA).

I didn’t visit them (I should have), but I knew some of the things they were involved with and the backgrounds of some of the principles and took a flyer, I made a very small investment.

Not too much later, they had 1:5 reverse split and it cratered more after that. But I held the stock. I liked what the CEO, Bill Roof had to say (I read transcripts of the conference calls).

Their last call in November was very good. Roof had carried out just what he said he would do. He divested a bunch of business lines which were tangential to their primary product category; identification and verification services based on a large variety of credentials, but primarily driver’s licenses (US, Canada & Mexico).

You can read the transcript here:…

I won’t bother with historical financial records, they’re pretty much meaningless, the business has been transformed, so the historical performance is irrelevant.

Recently, this company got an endorsement from a national law enforcement organization which will give them access to a centralized, maintained database and set up they’re service as a cloud service with no proprietary h/w. This is a big deal. It will give them much easier access and sales opportunities in every cop shop in the country.

The stock has been putting on rapid gains recently, up 13% today as I type. Take a look.


Take a look

about 291m market cap (but doesn’t include non-dilutive shares given net income is negative - looks like 12m shares outstanding - so the market cap is nearly 340 million!)
3m in cash
4m in trailing revenue
negative TTM CFFO (-4)
1.2m in sales past Q


sorry, math is off :slight_smile:

cap is 34m…

much better than 340m…

Like I said, this is not a Saul stock, it’s a story stock so I probably shouldn’t post here. But I read this board faithfully, so this is where I’ll comment. My comment is meant to be a head’s up, not a long threaded discussion.

This is a microcap. Historical performance numbers are meaningless because Bill Roof, CEO, has transformed the company. He has focused them on the product line with the greatest intentional and divested the company of distracting lines of business. He moved the HQ from quaint Port Townsand, WA to Jericho NY.

They have about 25 patents in their IP portfolio and are currently in the process of suing Honeywell. By all appearances, they have a strong case. The stock price has risen about 50% since March (I’m still below water, but encouraged that I didn’t sell).

Here’s a link to their website:
Here’s a link about the patent case:…

This a real company, with real sales and per Mr. Roof, real profits by mid-2017.

I’m done. If your interested go look for yourself. I won’t wriet anymore about until (if) it turns into a real growth stock.



*I’m interested in any idea you are interested in. Other folks are too.
*microCaps can turn into small caps which can turn into mid caps
*i liked the detail in the call - they spent a lot of time answering questions

thanks for posting…