3 speculative positions

I hold three tiny, speculative positions. I’m not going to provide numbers and history and all the things we are used to seeing on this board because the companies are tiny and my positions are tiny. I have taken small speculative positions based primarily on a gut feel for the potential. I’ll just briefly mention the names of the companies and what they do. If that piques your interest, feel free to dig in further, but be advised, there’s not a lot of digging to be done. None of these three companies have much of a history to dig into. In alphabetical order:

IDN, Intellicheck, recent price apx $3.00. Intellicheck, Inc. develops, integrates, and markets identity systems for mobile and handheld access control and security systems. In a nutshell, IDN provides identification/validation products for law enforcement, defense, retail, age controlled sales, finance and other verticals. Of the three, I’ve held this one the longest. It used to have HQ in Washington State, not too far from where I live. They’ve since moved HQ to New York. Originally (when I first bought them), they had a number of different products spanning a range of mostly unrelated opportunities. They have since sold off all their non-core products/services and focused on products related to identity verification. In other words, looking at their history is meaningless because it is a different company than it was a few years ago.

The nest two companies are related to the marijuana industry. There are a lot of opportunities in this budding (pun intended) industry. I’ve picked two that I think hold more promise than trying to pick a winner at the retail level.

IIPR, Innovative Industrial Properties, recent price apx $18.00. This is a REIT that focuses on leasing grow properties to the cannabis industry. Their focus is on medical marijuana. They went public December '16. They pay a dividend of $0.15/qtr.

VBIO, Vitality Biopharma, recent price apx $1.50. Vitality Biopharma, Inc. focuses on the development of cannabinoid pharmaceuticals for the treatment of neurological and inflammatory disorders in the United States. Its products in pipeline include VITA-100, an oral cannabinoid formulation that is used for the acute treatment of inflammatory bowel disease and narcotic bowel syndrome; and VITA-210, a cannabinoid formulation, which is in preclinical studies for use in the chronic treatment of neuropathic pain, irritable bowel syndrome, muscle spasticity in multiple sclerosis, and opioid-induced bowel dysfunction. The interesting thing about their drugs is that while cannabis derivatives, they have zero to low psychoactive properties. I do not understand exactly how this is accomplished, but that’s their claim.

I welcome commentary. But spare me the critique of nothing much on which to base an investment decision. Like I said, these are tiny, speculative positions. I am well aware that all three could go to zero, in which case I’ve not lost much. OTH, I think there’s significant potential here.