IEA - A 10-Point Plan to Cut Oil Use

I tried car sharing during a gig one time, the only car that got shared was mine. The other three guys were free riding. Well one of them bought me fish n chips at a nice place once … after we dropped the other two off.

Anymouse <Can’t imagine why I would be interested in cutting oil use? }};-D>

Other than that many of the points make sense. Of course I’m retired and rarely have to go anywhere these days. I did peek at a Honda Dealer’s offerings an hour ago … just peeking! They are the only company that actually has prices for new cars … the rest were all about financing. I have a policy of not talking to them.


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A lot of these suggestions make obvious sense. But getting people to do them is really hard.
I mean, how many people want to work from home 3 days a week?



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Some of them make sense for city dwellers, but most aren’t going to work.

It’s 3 miles to a bus line here that gets you to some places and to downtown with a 2 hour trip time from the time you get on the bus. For folks who work downtown, they drive to the light rail terminal points and park… but the light rail only serves certain corridors and 90% of the people going to their jobs can’t use it.

Some folks NEED to be at work. Hard to have a factory assembling things with ‘remote workers’.

Hard to have the streets paved with ‘remote work’ and your lawn service, your plumber, electrician, etc , working from home.

Car pool…did that for a short while. Works for some at the same factory…doesn’t work for a lot of others. I’m sure lots of folks do with current gas prices. In some places, you get to ride in HOV lanes with 2 or 3 people in a car, too…

As to speed limits - forget it - won’t happen. TH\hey tried that with 55 mph speed limit. Fine in NJ and DE where the limits are probably 50 or 60 now. Not so good with wide open spaces.

Read through the list…not many seem to be ‘implementable’ in TX. No cars in ‘Dallas’ on Sunday -? that’s millions of folks stranded… not going to work. Plus of course, 10% of the have to get to work for police, fire, health, hospitals, etc.

We don’t have ‘city downtown’ areas you can block off…and say no cars on Sunday. Might work in England…and Germany… not in USA.


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A lot of these suggestions make obvious sense.

NO! The Captain’s ONE Point Plan:

Put a 100% tax on fossil fuels. That is how markets and capitalism get the job done with ZERO additional bureaucracy. Everyone solves his/hers/its situation without being dictated to by a BENEVOLENT Master of Slaves.

The Captain