I'm an ice storm refugee

In Feb 2022, everybody was waiting for another TX power outage during an ice storm, so they could jeer at TX.

TX just experienced a winter ice storm, starting February 1, that coated trees in the Austin area, and surroundings, up toward DFW with enough ice to break limbs, and even drop a few whole trees. And power lines.

I live in a rural community NE of Austin.
By luck, a friend had already invited me to Houston, so I fled south, just before the front as it blew through.
My apartment complex and surrounding area has been without power for 3 days.
They are saying maybe a couple more days, too. Some of the surrounding neighborhood has power.

I’m currently in Galveston.
I took this opportunity to come see/ visit the St Mary’s Cathedral Basilica.
My story is that God led me out of the storm.

Peace and nostrums.


But don’t you wonder why he let you in the storm in the first place?


Oh, no! He’s punishing all the sinners.
I would have been collateral damage, but He sent a canoe to save me. I was smart enough to hitch the ride.



My bro lives in Katy - just outside of Houston and I had been checking on him - He says that it missed him by about 20 miles. Thankful. He sent me a pic of his tulip tree in the back yard about to fully blossom…

Thankfully you can stay someplace where it is warm until you can get power back in your home. Please keep us posted!



I hear the power is back on.
I plan to turn a 3.5 hour drive back to my town into a 2.5 or 3 day drive. :smiley:

I’ll stop in Houston, for a YaYas Foot Reflexology massage.
It’s on Veterans Memorial Drive, up by 1960. For those who might want a great massage.

Then I think I’ll wander west and check out the Wendish museum, and the Texas Quilt Museum.



We have been frozen solid for the last two days.

Tomorrow 40 F. Nuts.

10 F was the old norm for two to three weeks straddling end of January beginning of February.

Two days has been our winter. It is like Florida up here.

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Good place to be “from”. Wife and I are both BOI.

Which would be what?


Border Of Insanity? Guess it depends on the definition of the word(s).

Born On Island? I see that acronym fairly frequently, both here, and on other islands, and denotes a “native”.

@ImAGolfer I’m not getting a warm fuzzy from Galveston. I was here birdwatching 30 years ago. I’m thinking it’ll be another 30 years before I consider returning.

Galveston is ok, I’m just not “wow’d” enough to return.


Ah, you get the gist of why we are Houstonians. Don’t know what it is now but Galveston used to be a population of 70,000. It was one of those places where basically everyone knew everyone. For employment you could work at the hospital, you could be a longshoreman, you could work for the city, you could work for the one major insurance company or let me see I guess that’s about it. Good place to be “from” but employment opportunities are more abundant in Houston (population 4 million plus and plenty of anonymity).

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I just loaded onto the Bolivar ferry. The approach workers, who guide cars… Are wearing yellow Security vests, about half are ARMED!
It did not make me feel more safe or secure.
They did what they called a random search, recorded license plates and required me, and everyone else to open our hoods to “see the engine”.
They did NOT search the back or bags.

Why the engine compartment ?

I’ve said before that Osama Bin Laden WON… 2001 changed the US. We are less “free”.



[quote=“rainphakir, post:12, topic:87893”]
Why the engine compartment ?

Some folks keep their tortillas warm on the engine block. Maybe the guy was hungry.