OT it's 102F feels like 109

In my town in TX.

Here in MN it’s 83F feels like 83.

Here’s the view from my hammock.

There’s a Bald Eagle floating around up there, too.

That’s all.


Enjoy!! (and more to make it 20)


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Well, it hit 96°F here today, but it felt like 78°F all day as I never went outside! :slight_smile:

However, we’re both recovering from Covid we picked up a week or so ag, so don’t feel the need to wander anyway… Dropping into the 80s in the next days, so, an easy load to carry…


I just got back from a wedding in Burlington WI. It was in the high 70’s low 80’s - such a relief from this TX heat! This is a beautiful area and Burlington was especially nice…doc


Good thing everyone is moving to Texas from California hoping to save money. Of course NEADA estimates the average air conditioning bill in Texas is ~ $700 / month. In California I dont even have air conditioning; never needed it. The high was around 78 today.

bon voyage


That is a nice hammock view, what more could one need. Talking about the weather, I’ve been seeing some weird happenings across Europe. A colleague booked a holiday (Italy/Croatia), but there have been some supercells for the last few days.


62F here in the Shenandoah valley at 5:15 am, The little bit of altitude gives us cool summer mornings which makes for pleasant early morning walks.

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Yes! Being outside is so pleasant. Bird feeders attract a delightful variety of birds. A variety of woodpeckers. Loons calling. Chipmunks and squirrels.

We’ve spent much of the day outside. We’re in 2 cabins, that have been in the family for 100 years. These summer season “lake” cabins are a single layer of wood siding over 2x4 framing, curtains over the doorway, added on rooms. The exterior is painted while the Inside is unpainted and aged to a beautiful golden brown. Boards between studs are shelves for hundreds of books. There are lots of “old/vintage” photos, lake maps, utensils , etc scattered around the walls and surfaces. It’s a very mellow, calm, homey ambience.
I keep my TX place sorta sparse and impersonal. This is a nice contrast.

There are half a dozen other cabins with family nearby with whom we’ve visited and broken bread.

I’m a friend of a family member, and visiting interloper. It’s an interesting porthole view into a lifestyle and family background with similarities and differences to my central TX farm background.



We have friends taking a “barge and bicycle” trip across Italy - just as the heat dome settled over it. “Why go now in the Summer when you know it’s going to be hot?”, we asked. “It’s cheaper”, they said. “Well yeah, it’s also brutally hot in most of Italy in the summer. That’s why it’s cheaper.”

Ah well. I’m here with the A/C on and not a care in the world.


On the bright side, heat is the best appetite suppressant. Maybe that can help fight the obesity crisis. Oppressive, scorching heat gives me a tiny appetite. On the other hand, bitterly cold weather gives me an enormous appetite. This is why I lose weight during the warmer months and gain weight during the colder months.

It’s only 90 deg here (Maryland) at noon, but supposedly the heat index will hit 105 today. I’m glad those solar panels make our summer air conditioning cheap; after picking a cucumber and some beans this morning, I’ll stay inside the rest of the day.

I’m jealous of rainphakir’s cabin. I’ve been seriously considering getting a bugout home in Pennsylvania or someplace cooler and more rural than here.

I drove back under the Central TX heat dome 4 days ago.
It’s as hot as I imagined!
God gave us AC so we could live in TX.



It was 109 over by Denton TX yesterday. Heat wave persists…doc

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HA! Our first summer with solar panels…and our first summer when I’ve felt the need to use the AC routinely. I quite like the dry heat of Colorado up to about the mid 80s with cooler overnights, which has been the norm since we moved here. We’re also having the higher temperatures that are starting to get oppressive.

Thunderstorms this afternoon, though…but that’s been promised a few times and nothing materialised. Starting off a little cooler, at least.

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