I'm appalled (in a good way, I guess)

I’m appalled (in a good way, I guess). :grinning:

In evaluating some new contenders for my portfolio, I found myself ready to toss some aside, thinking to myself, “Oh, that’s only growing at 42%” (or 40% or whatever). Boy! Am I spoiled! I wasn’t so many years ago that 40% consistent growth was beyond my wildest dreams! How the world changes, and how much truly, TRULY, in demand, our top companies’ products are!



PS - And have any of you noticed that Alteryx actually has over 90% TTM Gross Margins.


Saul, I was just thinking about this… slightly differently…
Question in my head was - how long can one expect many of these companies to grow at such high rate…

And then looking at companies like AMZN, GOOGL, WDAY, CRM, NOW… etc… truly much larger companies in cloud space still growing at a very high rate, I feel like our companies have at-least three years and many of them have upto 10 more years runway for >30% y/y growth

Ofcourse, to your point, there are many more companies in this category… allows us to pick and choose as valuation keeps changing with fear and greed, either market driven or individual company driven.