Income Requirement for Union Bank Platinum Credit Card?

My credit score is good (780), and I have cards open with all the major banks (Chase, US Bank, Capital One, BofA, etc), but no cards with Union Bank.

I’m between jobs at the moment, so I have no income. Will that be a deal breaker to get this card?

(I’m assuming they’ll ask me to prove my income at the branch? Not sure).

I have to apply in person at the branch for the Platinum card, which I want to get for their $0 balance transfer fee for 6 months, and also 0% intro APR for 15 months.

Would help me a lot at the moment to move my debt around before I can get back on my feet with income.

I have no experience with Union Bank, but looking at their website, I noticed 2 things:

  1. They have been purchased by US Bank, effective as of 12/1/22
  2. You can apply online for most of their credit cards, with the exception of:
  • the Platinum (high-end) card you want to apply for, and
  • the Secured (low-end) card
    where you have to apply in a branch

Because they are in the process of being merged into US Bank, I would expect that they are going to scrutinize things a little bit more than they otherwise would be doing. Because they are making you go into a branch to apply, my guess is that they are going to want confirmation of current income, which means your most recent paystub, or proof that you have asset accounts that you can/do draw from.

I would concentrate more on looking for a new job, rather than trying to move your debt around, as long as you can make the minimum payments. If you can’t make the minimum payments, then you need to talk with your lenders, and find a job that can help you make them, even if it’s not a career type job (i.e. retail, restaurant, etc.).

I would also point out that Union Bank doesn’t seem to be very forthcoming on how they calculate the minimum payments on their credit cards. The account disclosures cardmember-agreement-10-3-22.pdf ( says:

but the Summary of Credit Terms soct-web-union-bank-platinum-visa-card-0520_cats-final.pdf ( doesn’t actually provide the calculation. And some lenders require higher minimum payments on balance transfers than they do for purchases - so you need to be sure to understand how the minimum payment for a BT would be calculated before you apply.

Most importantly - stop adding to your debt. It’s really hard to get out of the hole you’re in if you’re continuing to dig.



This is somewhat off topic but since US Bank was brought up I thought I would mention my ongoing issues with US Bank. I could have this all screwed up but what should you expect from an old man. US Bank it seems is the parent of Elan Financial Services which handles Fidelity Visa credit cards. It just so happens I am a frequent user of a Fidelity credit card and like to incorporate it’s transactions into Quicken. Good luck with that. I’ve been fighting this issue for months (inability to import Elan Financial Services transactions into Quicken) with no success. Everyone and his brother/sister has this issue yet neither Elan Financial Services nor Quicken has an answer.

The issue stems from the fact that Elan Financial Services has changed the design of their web site so that they are trying to use two factor identification and I don’t think Quicken is set up to handle this resulting in a CC-508 error code.

But then, what do I know? I’m just an old dude.


ImAGolfer (retired '03)


I have the same card. Did you notice that you can manually export transactions in Quicken format? I got there by opening my account on the Fidelity site, clicking on my charge card account, then on Download transactions.

Hey Rich. Thank you very much. I’ll give it a try. I’m assuming there is an import tab in Quicken to pull these records into the CC register?

Listen man, if this works thank you. I will stop screwing with Quicken Support. Your the man.


I’d assume the same thing. I’ve never used Quicken. I download in a format that Excel can open, then I mess around with it and save it as an Excel spreadsheet.

@ImAGolfer - Hello sir! I’m a long-term Fidelity user and use the Elan Fidelity VISA card for about 100 transactions / month. I’m also a long term Quicken user and have the current version of Quicken Premier. I am able to direct connect to Fidelity Elan through the Express Web Connect function. Here is a screen print from Quicken how mine is set up. I hope that this helps!


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Hey 38. Thanks for the input. I would be interested in the web address you use for Elan Financial in your Account set up. The reason I ask is because if you go to outside of Quicken there is no place to enter your logon ID and password. You can however do a Google search and find a site for Elan with the address but Quicken Support warns against using this address.

Anyway, I would be interested in the address you have defined to Quicken.


ImAGolfer (retired '03)

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Here’s how I set it up in Quicken Premier:

This looks like the way that I set it up. Good Luck to you sir!!


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