What's Up With Quicken

What’s going on with Quicken? I’ve been posting to Quicken “Elan Financial Services” which is the name used on my Fidelity credit card. I’ve been using “Elan Financial Services” for a couple of years now. All of a sudden Quicken decided they didn’t like “Elan Financial Services” and would prefer I use “US Bank Card Services”. OK, I start using US Bank Card Services and now they want me to use Elan Financial Services. What the heck. Make up your mind. I can’t be playing these games every weekend trying to reconcile. I tried to use the renaming rules but couldn’t get it to work.

There are a couple of other accounts they’ve been jacking around with also. Very frustrating. It always happens on a Saturday so naturally you can’t call anyone and I can’t find chat mode on the website.

Quicken has been implementing a new secure connection feature and it seems financial institutions are consolidating the names through which they connect.

In this case, Elan Financial Services is a division of US Bank. My guess is the problem is on US Bank’s end, reporting different names back to Quicken. I expect if you call Quicken Support, they’ll just say that that the issue is with the data provided by the financial institution.

Who would give your financial institution a call and give them the opportunity to explain, correct the problem, or point the finger back at Quicken…

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I have had to work through a couple of issues with my Chase Credit card accounts.

First the new system only works with the Quick Connect type system - Direct Connect is not an option.

With Chase (and I expect other Financial Institutions) converting more than one account under the new system was not obvious to me. I had one Chase credit card with Direct Connect and other Chase accounts with Quicken Connect. I tried to “fix” or reconnect the Direct Connect card and this absolutely would not work. Finally I just removed the download connection for all my Chase accounts, closed and reopened Quicken and finally reconnected. This process was smooth and worked fine.

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Me too! I’ll be going up to Lake Morey VT this upcoming weekend for three days of golf, eating and drinking with about 25 other guys. It’s an annual event that I look forward to every year.

On the Quicken thing, I also use Quicken Premier to download from Fidelity Credit Card processor Elan Financial Services. I’ve not had any issues with that download.

Sorry you’re experiencing issues with yours.