Increasing Profound Unease re: 2024

Then make sure the politicians are gerrymandered into an area where they can not win. Mar-a-Poo-Poo would be counted as part of a gerrymandered area never heard about again…

Thing is, the GIC at the moment do the gerrymandering, to make sure they remain the GIC. The GIC of Michigan’s legislature gerrymandered the districts in the 80s, and the state had one party control of both houses of the legislature for the next 40 years. Offices that were elected statewide flipped back and forth between parties several times, but the legislature stayed the same. A court said Michigan’s districts were “gerrymandered to a historic degree”. “We The People” voted to take redistricting out of the hands of the GIC. The GIC held a lame duck session to try and gut the redistricting law “We The People” voted for, and fix it so “We The People” would not have any say in laws in the future. So far, the former GIC seem to have failed in usurping the power of “We The People”. I doubt they will give up, because that whole “consent of the governed” thing is now seen, by some, as a bug, not a feature.



Which would allow you to go over too. They don’t take retirees without a critical worker involved. We’ve talked to our kids, who are not opposed to NZ, and both work in careers where they are actively looking for people to move there. Of course, I think DH and I should visit at least once before we move. Eldest spent a semester there and loved it.

As I said, unrest in the US was not the primary reason for us to start liquidating real estate holdings, and travel was a plan in it’s own right. I have traveled extensively, loving many of the countries I lived in, but always previously believing that the US was the best place to live. Am not so sure anymore, but perhaps those other faves have also morphed beyond recognition.

Sorry, but I think there is just another form of media working on our younger generation now, via trolls on the internet feeding push points on Gen Zs and Millennials. Anything that can create distrust and unrest, such as events in Gaza/Israel. I was shocked at the instant judgement our 25 year old had against Israel when those rockets went rogue and hit that first hospital. He and all his friends were getting insane amounts of “news” from the internet, pointing the finger at Israel. We of course encouraged him to hold his judgement until the facts were in, rather than believing Hammas’ version of the story as gospel.

Not that I see gov’t funding happening for this, as their PR should also be subject to critical thinking, but our country desperately needs to teach the younger set how to deal with the barrage of information that is thrust on them. Every author of an article should be questioned as to motive and historical accuracy of previous writings.

noting it’s lots of the older people who seem to have this problem as well


You make a good point. Here’s another:

We’re gonna have a great country. It’s gonna be called the United States of America,” he said, neglecting the obvious fact that the country is already called the United States of America.

Then: “the abbreviation for the United States also spells the word “us. I just picked that up. Has anyone ever thought of that? I just picked that up,” [he said in New Hampshire], then complained he probably won’t get the credit he deserves for making the “us” discovery.

Hard to compete in the battle of the gerontologists, I’ll say. It only took a couple years for Republicans to push through the 2-term Constitutional limit for Presidents after FDR’s run (I support.) I wonder if Republicans and Democrats and maybe those who call themselves Independents could agree on age limits for the office, and maybe for USSC appointments, too.


Yes, indeed. Of course, one of the people referred to has made continual gaffes throughout his political career (if anyone was paying attention for the past 40 years) of which recent gaffes are simply further examples, while the other has made continual non-sensical remarks, along with recent fascistic sentiments, calling all those he perceives as opponents, vermin and threatening their basic freedoms.

Hmmm… which is more worrisome?



I see it as two sides of the same coin. As Dad aged and lost control over his mental and physical health, he got quite aggressive. His driving skills declined and he compensated by driving faster and taking more risks. That was bad enough behind the wheel of a car…behind the atomic football would be worse.

Changes to mental and physical state can of course happen at any age, but the probability increases with age. This isn’t a case of which is worse, though I have yet in my decades of voting actually voted FOR someone, always against. Both front runners of their party are over the hill. It’s time for someone younger, not necessarily because of what currently is, (though some of that is an issue,) but because what could happen in the next 4+ years.



I think I remember describing a possible work around for you. A free one. All you need to do is create a free google account (a gmail account). It could be a random new email that you don’t plan on using for anything real. Then create a google voice number. Also free. Most online services that require a telephone number to send a text (for the 6 digit or 8 digit code they require) to, can use that number. The exceptions are banks and other financial institutions, they won’t send texts to google voice numbers, only to “real” mobile phone numbers.

About 10-15 years ago, when I decided to stop paying AT&T for my landline, I transferred* that land line number to google voice and have been using it ever since. That way I still retain access to my 30+ year old number that people may have stored in their lists of people and their phone numbers.

* Transferring a true landline number to google voice is not free and has a fee of $20 or so, and requires a few interim steps. But creating a random new google voice number is still free.


You may have. I don’t recall. An awful lot of work for little utility. I would be mightily steamed, if I had been using the web site to retrieve e-mail, but I have been using Thunderbird to retrieve mail for decades. To be on the safe side, I have moved all my e-mail traffic, except for the Fool and AT&T, to Hotmail.

The weird thing is, I can log into my AT&T account for things like bill payment, without a cell phone number. It is only the “customized home page” that I am locked out of.


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