Increasing Profound Unease re: 2024

A crux extremely tactical decision of a judge in Colorado regarding the Insurrection Act is receiving too little attention, as if the press is lost in some mix of frightened fugue but far more likely simply not comprehending implications:

I surveyed a number of my USA friends across different levels of political commitment and wealth and age, and was surprised to find how many of them are now actively considering what to do in case of civil war or accession to power of an Authoritarian government, particularly, at various trigger moments over the next year

selling RE assets and leaving the country
preparing for violent conflicts and their own participation in same
selling USAian securities

This has huge macro implications. Please be circumspect in discussing.

david fb


This was one of the worst decisions I’ve seen. And yes I’m worried, about both civil war or of an authoritarian president. I cannot understand how TFG still has so much support to return to office. Its baffling and very sad.

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A disqualification depends upon whether the president is an “officer of the United States”.

According to an April 2007 memorandum opinion by the U.S. Department of Justice, addressed to the general counsels of the executive branch, defined “officer of the United States” as:

a position to which is delegated by legal authority a portion of the sovereign power of the federal government and that is ‘continuing’ in a federal office subject to the Constitution’s Appointment Clause. A person who would hold such a position must be properly made an ‘officer of the United States’ by being appointed pursuant to the procedures specified in the Appointments Clause.


As another member of this board pointed out, some months ago, when this 14th Amendment issue first came up, the Amnesty Act of 1872 narrowly defined who was subject to sanction under the act:

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled (two-thirds of each house concurring therein), that all political disabilities imposed by the third section of the fourteenth article of amendments of the Constitution of the United States are hereby removed from all persons whomsoever, except Senators and Representatives of the thirty-sixth and thirty-seventh Congresses, officers in the judicial, military, and naval service of the United States, heads of departments, and foreign ministers of the United States

The POTUS, any POTUS, is not listed as being subject to provisions of the act.

But the Constitution overrules statutes, so you could argue that Congress, by itself, without going through the amendment process, does not have authority to redefine what the Constitution says.

Personally, as I posted some time ago, I have obtained, not only my own certified birth certificate, but certified certificates for both parents, to make it harder to revoke my citizenship and deport me, or abridge my rights. Presumably, I could obtain the naturalization records for my paternal grandparents, to prove they didn’t get here by swimming across the St Lawrence, in the dead of night and living under the radar, for the rest of their lives.

I have stopped writing checks to the charities I used to support, in an abundance of caution against any of them being tagged as “woke” or “America hating” or some such thing, and, by association, my citizenship being revoked/deported/imprisoned. Now, donations are camouflaged as cash payments for merchandise in charity run thrift stores.

I have stopped volunteering to work at a polling place, as doing that work requires declaring a party affiliation. I checked with the township clerk, and their records of my past performance of that job will probably drop out of their records by 2024, due to my not doing the job for several years, which would have kept the file alive.

I have retained the Bible inscribed to me by the Baptist lodge in Kalamazoo in 1958, as evidence of “right thought”.

As for investing…I was mostly cash through the previous administration. If I had stayed all in, my stack would be significantly larger now. How would the stock market respond to revocation of all the worker’s rights laws? A national “right to work” law that prohibited collective bargaining, being enacted? How would the market react to another huge tax cut for “JCs”? How would the market react to draconian cuts in social assistance programs, with the stated intent of forcing people to take more lousy jobs at lousy pay? How would the market react to the “Plan Steve” adjustments to Social Security and Medicare, with the stated intent of forcing able bodied geezers back into the job market? Once enough people are forced into the job market, how would the stock market react to repeal of minimum wage laws?



I posted an analysis of the ruling on my blog. It is not political but I didn’t think there was a macro tie to muddy waters here.




Thank you, your blog is a gold mine of info suited to educated but non law types like me.

d fb

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Count us in as two willing to explore other living options should we repeat recent history in 2024. It was however not the primary reason we started to put real estate up for sale in 2022 and continue to do so next Spring, leaving us just with our cabin on the river. None the less, it was a part of the calculation in freeing ourselves up from real estate encumbrances. I won’t descend into the description of why I feel our country’s current path is dangerous, since that could be interpreted toward politics, but we are concerned enough to seriously examine other countries to move to. Having two offspring in the US, we will examine the periphery first, with the intent of providing a landing spot if one is needed.

It’s not a bad time to be financially flexible. I would add offshoring funds to that list of yours, not that I have a clue how to do that.

a big believer that saying nothing when witnessing something wrong is tantamount to giving a nod of approval to those actions


Wow, Steve, I hope your ‘excess of caution’ has a tinge of paranoia…but I don’t know. Things are getting weird.

Paranoid METARs may wish to consider the Spanish Non-lucrative Visa. In a nutshell, Spain offers a one-year visa if you can prove sufficient means (on the order of $30K/year) and promise not to work (don’t throw me in that briar patch!). The visa is renewable for up to five years, at which time you may apply for a residency permit.

The visa allows you to bring family members and after one year you can buy into the health care system.


I’m considering Toronto, but still hoping sanity prevails here. Have work office in that city already. is a site devoted to mostly tech workers seeking to migrate to Canada.

Years, maybe decades, ago, Wendy said I “could out-dark anyone”.

Things I did invest in in the late 16-early 17 time frame included privatized prisons and privatized education. iirc, the education play worked OK (picked that one up as soon as DeVos was tagged for Secretary of Education), but the prisons did not. I watched, but did not buy, the purveyors of propaganda: Fox and Sinclair Broadcasting, as well as the most corrupt of the possible Social Security privatization beneficiaries, Prudential. iirc, I was also watching KBR, in case there was a move to build concentration camps for “undesirables”.

Unfortunately, that watch list was on my AT&T home page, which I am now locked out of. Last spring, T started a new log in procedure, that requires a cell phone, to receive a text with a pass code, with no e-mail or voice line alternative, so I would need to rebuild that list from scratch now. I checked the prison stocks. Corecivic is about half what it was in 2019. PRU hasn’t gone much of anywhere in the last five years, but it is paying about a 5% yield. I can’t remember the names of the privatized education plays right now.

You’re not paranoid, if they really are after you.


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The “little grey cells” finally fired, when I stepped out for lunch. The education play was K12 Systems, now renamed “Stride”. Still using the same ticker “LRN”.

K12 produces canned course programs. If you want to start a “charter academy”, to fill your pockets with state education funds, just lease space in a run-down mall or warehouse, hook up a bunch of computers, and buy a package from K12. Not much staff needed, just enough to sit the kids in front of a computer, and watch them work through the program. Great products for people who want to home school, so their spawn are not subjected to “woke indoctrination”, but don’t have the time or education themselves to teach anything.

The runup in LRN was a bit bumpy during the previous administration, but seems that the plague and hysteria about “woke indoctrination” has really fed the stock the last couple years.

Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 16-08-32 Check out Stride's stock price (LRN) in real time


Another education play I used at the time, was Capella University. a for-profit, on-line “university”. Academically, Capella ranks 441 out of 442 in one survey. Capella was the subject of several suits claiming fraud in the “university’s” advertising, course structure, and student loans.

Capella stockholders did well during the previous regime. Not so much since. Capella has since been rolled into “Strategic Education Inc” (STRA)

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Just to make some people worry a bit more.

iirc, a few years ago, the SCOTUS held that the Voting Rights Act only banned racial gerrymanders. Partisan gerrymanders are perfectly fine.

A new decision by the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals says that the Act does not specifically say that individuals or organizations have authority to sue under the Act therefore, they don’t have that authority. Only the DOJ has that authority. The vast majority of cases, including claims of a racial gerrymander, brought are by individuals or organizations. Only a small minority of cases are brought by the DOJ.

Of course, the evening network news did not report this. They were too busy blathering about Taylor Swift.


Thanks for the reply , Steve.

It’s all so depressing. Even if Trump is defeated in 2024 something is broken now in our society. Without the corrosive influence of right wing media we would be in much better shape. I can’t believe the idiocy I hear repeated every day from many on the right.

I’m old, not so much to lose, but I want my son to have a good life. He works in NZ now and I’ve encouraged him to seek citizenship.



And there are those who say that without the influence of left-wing media we would be in much better shape.

How about we wander off political discussions?



You had a point, up until about 2 years ago, when your side started lying about the 2020 election, and continues to lie to this very day. I could have some respect for the radical right media if they just admitted they lost in 2020. But no, they can’t. And that is what makes them dangerous to the country. And that has a large macro impact.


Both sides continue. For example, in one world the media ignore a certain 81-year-old’s mental decline.

He said “said the birds [turkeys] had to ‘beat some tough odds and competition’ to be with him on the White House lawn.”

He went on: “You could say even harder than getting a ticket to the Renaissance tour…or, or, or…Britney’s tour…she’s down in…it’s kind of warm in Brazil.”

But enough. I’m out of this thread.


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And Trump keeps thinking he is running against Obama.

But seriously… insurrection. The dude tried to over throw the election. And you are trying to say “both sides”. Its maddening. Its why this country is in this dangerous position.


And, for a lighter moment. The Gov of Michigan did that “pardon a turkey” nonsense too, this year. Apparently, there was some sort of competition to name the turkey.

The winning entry: “Dolly Pardon”

The court decision is something to worry about. I can think of at least three times, in the last 20 years, when a row broke out between the US AG, and the POTUS. The AG was demanding compliance with law and fact, while the POTUS wanted the AG to act as a partisan, political, hack.

If a future POTUS does succeed in appointing the sort of hack some previous Presidents wanted, it would become impossible to enforce the Voting Right act. Both racial and partisan gerrymanders would become de facto legal.