India: 44 C = 111 F in April…

**Heatwave in India leaves millions struggling to cope**

**By Sharanya Hrishikesh**
**BBC News, Delhi, 4/28/2022**

**Millions of Indians are experiencing a brutal heatwave that is throwing lives and livelihoods out of gear - and there is no relief in sight....**

**This week, the mercury in the capital, Delhi, is expected to cross 44C. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecast a gradual rise in maximum temperatures by 2-4C over most parts of north-western and central India this week, with "no large change thereafter"....[But it's still only April and the temperature will rise during the summer.]**

**Farmers say the unexpected temperature spikes have affected their wheat harvest, a development that could potentially have global consequences given supply disruptions due to the Ukraine war. ...** [end quote]

The article doesn’t mention it, but India is an important producer of pharmaceuticals that are imported into the U.S. The problems encountered by FDA’s investigators in India include inadequate or poor quality systems implementation, data integrity issues [falsifying data in quality control records], inadequate validation of various processes used in manufacturing or testing, and product contamination. While some Indian companies meet U.S. product quality standards, others do encounter problems and operational challenges.…

My concern is that high temperatures could degrade processes and products during manufacturing and shipping. There is no way for a patient to know if a drug has been degraded.



Just another consequence of burning fossil fuels and heating up the earth. We are killing ourselves with fossil fuels - like a frog in a pot slowly heated up.


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My good friend that I grew up with retired as the CEO of Sensitech. It sounds like Indian pharma manufacturers should employ this tracking technology.


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