Industrial output wins wars

Industrial output wins wars. Let me clarify that a bit. It takes industrial output to win all out wars.

I was watching a couple of WW2 videos last night and was once again impressed with how much not just GDP, but industrial output was needed to win wars.

The USA plus most of Europe has about the same industrial output as China. I do not know what the manufacturing dependencies are in China and how vulnerable Chinese industries are to input interruptions. I do know that the USA has dependancies in rate earths, not just lithium, and integrated circuits. I am sure there are others, but those two jump to the top of my thoughts.

I wonder how vulnerable Germany is?

Oh, another big one is intelligence. A few years ago, someone hacked every unclassified U.S. Government computer system, all of them. My analysis is that with that information any U.S. Government position can be compromised. I assume that in an all at war, the damage from internal espionage operations would be devastating.


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Well then China needs to get on with all of it the war etc…because

Forecasts predict that by 2030, China’s water demand will surpass 800 billion cubic meters, putting further pressure on the country’s limited water supplies. Despite efforts to increase water availability, China still faces a water supply gap that some domestic scholars estimate could reach 25 percent by 2030.Dec 17, 2022

China’s Five-Year National Water Security Plan – The Diplomat.

Let me ask you something, China’s RMB is pegged to the USD. What happens if there is a war? What will happen to the industrial output? The customers will be gone for good. How does China’s current industrial output amount to anything if it is at war with all of its customers?

I will answer this. The vast sea of unemployed men and women in China would demand a full scale revolution against the fragile but powerful communist party.

The opposite is true for the US

The water access gap is costing the US economy around $8.6 billion each year and remains unsolved,” said DigDeep CEO and founder George McGraw. “However, we also found that there is hope: for every dollar invested in closing the water gap, the US economy would see a nearly five-fold return.Feb 10, 2023

This is why we can't dismiss water scarcity in the US | World Economic Forum.

In other areas of US commerce similar things are true and can come to fruition with the IRA.

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That was quite a few years ago and people were pretty lax with security and passwords. I know I really hate passwords. Since then a lot of new super PITA security measures have been put in place. Computer systems are still hackable but not as vulnerable as back then.

A lot of hacking is not high tech but plays on the gullibility of people and that only Darwin can fix.

The Captain

Talking about PITA security, I forgot my Android password and the only way to recover your phone is to send it to the factory where they wipe it clean and ship it back to you in a couple of weeks. How STUPID PITA is that? A Google product!!!

The lady at Vodafone was surprised when I decided not to use that feature! Back home I went back to Googling how to recover the password. The only method that worked was muscle memory. The password is based on a conversation with my mother decades ago.

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