Industry discussion: can't post, also: "Artificial Intelligence" and "Gaming"

Hello, I don’t seem to be able to create new topics in industry discussions. Is that a paywalled part of the forum?

Also, please could you consider adding tags for “Artificial intelligence” and “Gaming” there? e.g. recent discussions on Meta’s AI and Unity vs Godot etc could have fit well under that theme. I suspect they will be long-running sector themes.


You should be able to create topics in subcategories but not the category itself. Would be really nice to have e.g. artificial intelligence as a subcategory.

Hi @luxmain

Sorry - been out sick. Here are your two new categories, for AI and Gaming.

As Raylight said, you can’t create a new topic at the top level but should be able to in the sub-categories.

Also, if you would like those previous discussions moved to these new categories just let me know which to move and where and I’ll take care of that. If you were the original topic author, you can edit the subject and reassign the category to the new one yourself.

Artificial Intelligence


Hello @CMFMints

Thank you for helping with this! Haven’t had much time to post myself either lately, but these forums should be quite useful.

Best wishes


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this thread is worth moving

either the AI or gaming board would be fine


Done - moved it to gaming (oh, and I took the OT out of the subject since, well, it’s on topic now :slight_smile: )