The new Community Boards are Mass Chaos

So I was a regular member of the AMD Board on the old system. I am not exactly a technology novice. Yet I find this organization of the new boards to be mass chaos.

It appears that there really are no boards or forums any more. I can not simply go to the AMD Board and communicate with my fellow AMD investors. Instead I need to create a new Topic (by new definitions a thread)) and then make sure I have the right tags on it such as AMD.

My topic is then blasted across the entire fool universe and everyone in the community can see it, even if they are interested in say Shell Oil or Costco. My fellow AMD friends and I will need to search for AMD tags to find any AMD posts and sort through all the Community jabber across the entire Fool universe to find what they are looking for.

In other words our group is no more and we are now effectively in a communal lobby searching for the relevant topics to talk about and hoping we don’t miss each others comments.

Do I have this wrong? If so explain to me how it works and what I am missing as I have already read through the entire self help post. I have also not figured out how to set categories and my ability to set tags is limited to the tags offered to me by the system in the quick link box.

As far as I am concerned this is mass chaos and I can find no clear directions on how to set up sorts and filters to be fed those categories and tags I want to receive.

So far the new community ranks a negative 5 stars from me. Perhaps with some better instructions I will find a like it better. For now though it is simply chaos.

[To add insult to injury when I tried to post this to the New Site Help and Feedback category with the AMD tag so my AMD friends would also see it, I received and error message stating this tag could not be used in this category. So it appears that certain categories will allow certain tags. Of course there is no explanatio nof this. I removed the AMD tag to post this.]


HI @Mercurius1

I’m working to configure a few things and make some videos but in general, the AMD board is not that different than it was before.

You go to Stocks A-to-Z and choose the tag AMD…that’s all the AMD posts, no other ones. Before, you went to Stocks A-to-Z and chose the AMD board - the board was just replaced with choosing a tag. And if you are reading in there, it will populate the right category and tag for you when you click New Topic - you don’t have to add it.

You can add that tag to the sidebar and go straight there. Company tags are restricted to Stocks A-to-Z just so they can’t be put on other posts - this helps keep it clean so you aren’t seeing a post from another board that accidentally used that tags. The Video shows how to add the Categories and Tags you want to the sidebar on the left but it is a bit short - we’ll have another more specific one up this week.

Here’s a direct link to the AMD board:


I was on Saul’s board and suddenly I’m here… wormhole?


I followed that. So click on Everything or Tracked and then in the Filter section at the top of the page select AMD as the Tag.

The shortcut is to have AMD in your Tags and simply go down to your Tags and click on AMD.

How can I add more tags? The pencil next to tags gives me only a very limited set of tags to choose from and many of the company tags I am interested in are not offered up to me.

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Where it says optional tags, above the list - just start typing the company name in there. If it’s there, it will pop up. Remember, we closed a lot of inactivity company boards last spring…but we’re happy to add a new tag if you want to start talking about a different company.


I’m guessing you clicked the New Site link on the left…but you can get back to Saul’s board here:


Goes to Do I need that?


No - let me fix the link - serves me right for grabbing it from an email.

Try this:

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More better. Thank you. I am as lost as a skunk :astonished:


It’ll get better…give it a few days. And remember, you can always go back to the home page by clicking the Home icon or Jester cap in the upper left and reset yourself. And find a link to Saul’s board in the center section - in the bucket it was on the prior site.

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How do I “tag” a board?

Well, it depends on what you are trying to tag…right now, the only categories with tags available are Folly in 50 States (the states are tags) and Stocks AtoZ (the companies are tags). The rest, instead of using tags, we converted all the boards into sub-categories.

So, what tag are you looking for?

How do I get the greatest board on TMF (my board…ahem) to show up on the left-hand side of my screen? So I can just click on it.

Click the edit pencil to the right of Categories on the left, then click the plus sign in the Categories section and search for Where… select and Save changes:


That helped a ton.
I would seriously add/highlight that functionality in other “how to” posts about the new format.

That basically helps replicate the left dashboard view to mimic the previous “my favorite boards” view. Easy peasy.


That’s the plan…I’ll be making more videos and help guides later this week and it’s at the top.


“Total chaos”—in a nutshell. It looks pretty, but finding anything, accessing it, eyeballing what’s going on, responding is a disaster. The number of needless steps that have been added just to locating the discussion boards you participate in! No longer any clear instantly understandable map of posts and responses within a group. Everything is folded into something else. The superficial aspects of the Community Boards are there, but the functionality and heart are gone. I hate to say it, but the same direction heralded by eliminating the entire longstanding vibrant community that doesn’t have a TMF-approved connection to finance.



Just to let you know, I can’t find anything like this, can’t follow Dreamer’s guidance, can’t find a meaningful list of recent posts on the Where Angels Fear to Tread board, can’t add new boards to the left side, … Sorry to burst Dreamer’s bubble, but although I think I can post to the board, I cannot navigate to old posts for reference, find topics, or basically anything. :confounded:

Need a lot more handholding and interactive step by step.



What a confusing mess here. If I want to look at SA Options, that’s under If I want to look at Saul’s, that’s under I cannot seem to be able to go to one place and see BOTH boards. I have to have TWO bookmarks so that I can see them under the CATEGORIES section. Why can’t I have ONE place where I can see BOTH boards? Very unhappy/annoyed.


Amazing that of all the message board options out there, TMF managed, remarkably, to find a worse version than the old one. If it requires a video and lengthy, complicated instructions to use, that’s a problem and frankly makes me question the judgment of TMF management. They had years to research and find a replacement for the old, dated boards and this is what they came up with?