Insert Graphic Images into a Post

I would like to insert a graphic image into a post. Is there a way to do this?

Also, where is the document that explains the HTML tags that are supported by TMF on its boards? The HTML tags supported by TMF seem to be stuck in the Nineties. :frowning:

Hi, MCCrockett.

There is no way to embed an image in the current Fool Community platform. And I think it’s more like the early 200’s, but your point is well taken. There is actually a trial being run with Motley Fool Options where the boards were ported over to a new system. I have to admit I have flailed at understanding how to use its combination of tags and categories and unstructured organization. I’ve always congratulated myself on being able to upgrade with technology, but I think I would suffer if the current board system were to completely convert to this new system.

With regards to images, I use a cloud tool called PostImage ( You an upload an image and it will provide a number of links and forum codes you can use. While the forum code does not support embedding, you can still post an external link to the image, like this one:

The TMF Community discussion boards are not exactly “feature rich”, but there are ways to format your posts. In order to prevent the boards from acting on the formatting codes, I’m going to use “#” to represent nothing. Take them out of the code where you see them when using the code in practice.

• “<#b>text<#/b>” - This will bold the text between the formatting codes.

• “<#i>text<#/i>” - This will italicize the text between the formatting codes.

• “<#pre>text<#/pre>” - This will change the font for the text between the formatting codes to

Courier New, a fixed width font

that allows you to create tables. Do not use tabs when creating these tables, only spaces. That way your text will appear exactly as you laid it out. But be sure to Preview your post to make sure it looks the way you want it.

• “&#bull;” - This will create a bullet indented line.

• “&#trade;” - This will create a trademark™.

• “&#cent;” - This will create a cent sign (%cent;).

There are some others but this is what comes to me at the moment. Be sure to Preview your post to make sure it looks the way you want it.

There is a Help page here:…

As far as quoting, everyone has their own style. I like to use italics and end the quote with “-- nameofquoted”. Try to keep paragraphs just a couple sentences long. Paragraphs that are too long are hard to read and often not read at all. Don’t shout - meaning don’t post in all caps. Spell check. Preview your post and make sure it flows smoothly and communicates what you want it to say.

Don’t copy the entire contents of an article - post just a few sentences, enough to provide a summary of what the article says, then a link to the rest of the article.

Finally, don’t worry about offending any “seasoned post masters”. The one thing those of us who post often want more than anything else is for more people to post, however you want to post.

Be sure to Preview your post to make sure it looks the way you want it.

Here’s more on using the Fool Community Boards:

Be sure to Preview your post to make sure it looks the way you want it.

Who would tell you to keep your posts short, concise and to the point but he routinely fails at all three…

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