Intel article from Seeking Alpha and thoughts on how it relates to AMD

Intel: Flawless Quarter, More Tailwinds Than Headwinds (INTC) | Seeking Alpha

Good read on the intel ER (premium article that I was able to view for free). The comments on intels continuing new chip problems, bringing new chips to market and near future earnings make me wonder if intels continuing missteps will be AMD’s continuing good business growth. I follow Moore’s Law Is Dead on youtube and they have interesting interviews with people in the business who say these E+P cores of intels are not very good, Intel continues to have problems with the newest chips which is causing delays while the problems Intel is having is allowing AMD to slow down bringing new product to market.

Today we will find out how AMD did last quarter. I would like to see a return to earnings beats/growth like they had been doing every quarter. As I look at AMD and how they have grown the company, I feel that the facts are that AMD has become a leader. The business is no longer just about cpu’s as it has been in the past, but has grown into Radeon gpu’s, Xilinx components (phones, automotive, datacenter), Pensando software, and now this AI field. The analysts do have AMD growth and earnings steadily increasing over the next 2-4 quarters from what I am seeing and reading…doc