Intel earnings drop on higher sales…

**Intel Earnings Drop, Revenue Edges Higher**
**Semiconductor company’s results reflect stepped-up investments, strong demand for chips**
**by Meghan Bobrowsky, The Wall Street Journal, Jan. 26, 2022**

**The U.S. semiconductor giant is in a period of transition after falling behind rivals in chip making, and competitors have taken market share from it in some semiconductor categories. Mr. Gelsinger, who took over as CEO in February 2021, has been trying to reverse the decline and said in December that his turnaround plans could take five-plus years....**

**Intel over the past year has expanded the company’s chip-making capabilities, both domestically and abroad. Most recently, it announced a $20 billion investment last week into new chip-making factories in Ohio, explaining that the semiconductor industry is expected to double from $500 billion in combined annual sales to $1 trillion by the end of the decade. ...** [end quote]…

INTC’s share price has dropped. The question is whether the company’s long-term plans will pay off and be profitable. Meanwhile, INTC has raised its dividend, which is very well-covered. Analysts are very bullish on INTC at the current price. Since INTC pays a decent dividend, I plan to hold for the long term and see what happens.