Intel implicitly agrees to be losing data center share in 2023

Intel CFO Interview-

  • claims client PC side they are in ok shape, will maintain share
    -in data center side the situation is “mixed” (aka we are losing still) … “but the real important products that I think make a meaningful difference is Sierra Forest and Granite Rapids both out in 2024 and they make a meaningful difference in terms of our competitive position.”
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There are lots of questions still here. How much share does AMD gain in 2023? I think the expectation is we end the year with AMD around 30% share. WHEN in 2024 does Intel start shipping the Sierra Forest and Granite Rapids? This could greatly impact what happens to share in 2024. January 2024 is substantially different than December 2024. Based on INTC execution lately, I think December is the baseline expectation:-)

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