Interesting letter from The White House concerning zero trust

The memo from The President was issued in January and many heard about this policy here - that the government is requiring all federal agencies to migrate to zero trust. I recently found the memo and found it enlightening. It’s scope is larger than I originally thought. It appears to me that NET, not only ZS are bound to profit from this policy.

For those interested the memo attached :


We discussed this letter in January. Thread here (FYI, I see your post in that thread as well). New White House Zero Trust push - #5 by ronjonb

Additionally we can keep visiting FedRamp Marketplace monthly to see the progress on FedRamp authorizations.

Currently CrowdStrike has 77 Authorizations
Zscaler 37 Authorizations in 4 categories
SentinelOne 6 Authorizations
Cloudflare for Government has yet to achieve one.

I’ll keep an eye on this monthly.

Cheers! Baconski