Interesting strategy at CNN

The new strategy if allowed to go a few years will pay off handsomely.

How do I know? The most serious press in the country is NYT and Google News, second and first respectively in viewership. Being online has been incredibly profitable for the NYT.

CNN is going serious news. They will win in the end. Most Americans really want the news to just be the news. CNN was not winning by playing a bit on the right and a bit on the left. They are not the right or the left. They need to be serious news.

The staff is balking. So what? But will the BoD balk? I doubt it.

CNN needs to win in their web presence. That is the same feed as their cable presence so the effort is not really duplicated. It is very economical.

Over night Chris Licht was fired or laid off.

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Pre-Licht, CNN was averaging 753,000 primetime (8 p.m. to 11 p.m.) viewers of any age, according to 4/26/21-1/30/22 (a year before Licht’s start to the end of Jeff Zucker’s tenure)

Under Licht (4/25/22-6/05/23), CNN fell to 628,000 primetime viewers (-16.6 percent)

Going the wrong diection.

CNN has puny numbers.

Carlson averaged 3.25 million viewers in March, his last full month on the air

We will never really know why Carlson was fired. While Tuckers was a big deal at Fox News; Fox News is a puny part of the Murdoch empire:

Rachel Maddow now is the rating star.

Maddow had the highest-rated show in prime time with 2.46 million total viewers and 222,000 demo viewers.