The $800 million broom

Tucker Carlson is out at Fox. Friday was his last show, and he didn’t know it at the time. Also gone, weekend host Dan Bongino, frequently described as a “firebrand.”

Tucker has now been asked to depart from CNN, MSNBC, and Fox.

Apparently there are consequences, even if it takes a while and much damage is done along the way.

In other news, Don Lemon is out at CNN, presumably for different reasons.

The media landscape may be changing. In other news, the “pay-tier” at Netflix is not showing dramatic results one-year in.

And the big wheel keeps on turnin’ (channeling Tina, here)


My suspicion is he was tossed, not for the garbage he spews on air, but for the private communications, that said the conspiracy theory was a lot of hooey. He was fired for not being blindly loyal to the company line. Fox Noise will soon have a new talking head, spewing the same racist garbage, because that is how Fox rolls.



I wouldn’t be surprised is part of the settlement agreement was to get rid of him. Maybe not written, but understood by all.


And on another channel…



That’s what I was thinking also. How will he ever get that job at RT, though, if that trails him?



If Blaze Media is good enough for Glenn Beck, it’s good enough for someone with a following as large as Carlson has. With his groupies, Carlson is probably an instant hire for anyone, because the only thing that matters is ratings, and the money high ratings bring. I’m pretty sure his groupies believe everything he says on air, because they want to. and they probably dismiss the reports of what he says privately as “George Soros propaganda”.



Perhaps final straw (and next defamation suit against Fox et. al.) from Sunday night:


Tucker Carlson: Ray Epps? He is on video several times encouraging crimes, riots, breaches of the Capitol…

Carlson has focused on Epps more than 20 times on his top-rated show … a half-dozen times so far this year.

Ray Epps: He’s obsessed with me. He’s going to any means possible to destroy my life and our lives.

Tucker called him a FBI plant. Epps’ lawyer had to send a Cease and Desist to Fox.

I wonder what this does for the Smartmatic case. Tucker no longer has an loyalty to Fox and could easily toss them under the bus because Smartmatic does not name Tucker in their suit (unlike Bartiromo, Pirro and Dobbs).

Jilted lovers and all that.


I am going to miss Tucker. Oh you are not talking about the dog down the hall that is dying.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I do not have a dog named Tucker in this building. Not yet anyway.

It is nice to see that defamation continues to be an expensive liability.

Carlson is the primary Fox News personality cited in the lawsuit; however he is not alone. Laura Inghram, Will Cain and Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson are also named as persons who advanced the conspiracy theory around Epps.


Except if you break the law…and it is “possibly” true…and you are waiting trial??? I have not read that far…and you have not had your psych evaluation???

It should all turn out okay.