CNN tonight 4 stories

Center left column, the main column, four stories top the list on Gens Z, Millennials and the Boomers. This is the economic battle.

The stories are policy-driven. Big ticket items society wants as they did with the GI bill.

Some say nothing for anyone. Those folks will be walked over.

People want success and government policies build an economy.

Supply-side economics was for very stupid people to outsource a lot of our factory output, run up the debt-to-GDP ratio, and go out lying as much as possible that it was all altruism to screw the country for greed’s sake.

By morning who knows what stories will lead? For now, CNN has an agenda that will not be ignored.

It’s the economy stupid.


The economy is pretty good. So those who choose to IGNORE the economy are probably “not all there”. Or they are OUT of the economy due to a variety of reasons of their own choosing.

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