You know, my wife is self-employed. For years, she has run her own psychology practice. She started off working as part of a larger practice - but more than a decade ago, she took the leap and left to hang up her own shingle.

Since then, she’s had to deal with all sorts of issues. When you run your own business, almost anything that happens in the macro environment can affect what you’re doing - economic factors, political factors, you name it.

Man, I’m just rambling. What am I doing, posting here on a little-used corner of an Investment Analysis Clubs board? Why, there have been barely twenty posts here over the last seven years. Surely no one even comes here any more…



hey Albaby:
Myself, I am an LISW in Ohio. Started a private practice 5 years ago. Yes, lots of issues but the benefit of working for a local group or the mental health center are far outweighed with private practice. Good on your wife - where does she practice?

We live in Miami. She found that spending time in a group helped develop her practice, since it allowed her to build up a base of referral sources.