COVID Testing Fraud X-Post

This is another X-Post I just laid on the Pandemic Board. I had not heard about these dangerous, sick, sociopaths Akbar Ali Syed and his wife Aleya Siyaj, until a few minutes ago.

Two articles are linked in my quick 3 thread synopsis.

The archived article from USA Today goes into the largesse of their grift with photos of a mansion, cars, and plenty of self-incriminating social media posts and videos bragging of their new wealth from their scam.

Set up the thread for you here because there is so much to unpack.

Keep in mind the $155 Billion in Medicare payments they collected are on top of cash and credit card payments that some people also made. Double billing in this fraud.

What qualified these con artists to run 300 testing sites you might ask?

Why these mighty fine Americans were serial bankruptors of a donut biz, a wedding photo biz, and my personal favorite - and I’m not making this up - “an axe throwing lounge.” (I’ve worked some wild and crazy bars in my life, but I’ll be damned if I would have ever signed up for drunks throwing axes.)

Hit just a few of the high points in this quick-read thread, but be sure to hit that USA Today article and see just how brazen criminals can be.…


The Petaluma Police Department just shutdown an illegal testing site that had operated for 2 weeks. People need to verify that the testing site is legitimate.