Investor's Place: 5 Under-the-Radar Penny Stocks With 100% Upside Potential: $AMLI $ARDX $BTBT $LEV $VPHIF

5 Under-the-Radar Penny Stocks With 100% Upside Potential


Ardelyx (NASDAQ:ARDX) is another hot penny stock to consider. The biotech stock, which has a market cap of $550 million and is trading at $2.94, could see higher highs.

The stock is already seeing upside following an FDA panel’s recommendation of the approval of its drug that treats kidney disease. That’s great news, and it could lead the FDA to approve the drug.

Also, according to the company, the treatment could have “Significant market potential across 550K patients on dialysis in the U.S.”


Interesting article, are you buying some? Inquiring minds want to know…doc

Rob and I are both in this one. I keep buying on big down days. Just checked, and I am probably about 30% of the way there for a full load. I can also pull the trade, meaning, sell, then rebuy at lower share price to double my full load on the next buy.

I’m at 35.57% gain if I were to sell at Friday’s close, but I am not selling. The downtrend reversal took out the previous day’s high on a huge faded red candlestick. Bears ran out of steam on that Thursday. That’s what the particular candlestick signals.

Rob is on this one with better notes and F/A.

He and I both use to follow the trials and hopefully the PDUFA approval.

I’ll add the $ARDX thread to this to make it easier to follow:

I have traded this twic in the past year, but now I am finally accumulating for a LTBH - unless the story changes.

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That’s probably a good idea. I could have/should have added on Thursday’s dip. Thanks for the suggestion!

ARDX = 4.2% of port

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

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There’s no F/A on this one. At this point, the only meaningful thing is getting the approval (probably a sure thing)… and getting label directions that provide wide latitude for being prescribed (here, I’m hoping it’s good…tbd, including timing).

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

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Rob, I’ve got a new feature on for earnings. I have yet to figure out how to bring that F/A to bear as it is still in BETA mode and quite buggy. But once it arrives, I will start shooting the new info in posts so that better F/A types than I can give thumbs up or down.

Okay, here’s how the basic F/A and T/A align using their symbol breakdown, but first, the SCTR for this stock is better than 99.97% of all stocks on all US exchanges - and it is a small cap.

$ARDX is one of the Top 5 small-caps ranked by SCTR on

What is SCTR?

That said, here are some data points and other important stuff which can help us. This is not the motherlode as is playing catchup to finviz on scanning, etc. and it looks like everything they will give us in 2023 will be superior to finviz, stocktips, etc.

But I can show what you are about to see for every stock symbol (even ETFs) in the universe.

And I just noted they are about to give us analyst’s ratings for every stock. Beautiful! One-stop every morning should tell me all I need to know for a week of trading.

My bet is you have a better avg. price than me, Rob, as I keep adding on down days, but we are still holding horizontal support.

If we stay strong here, we’ll set a new 52-week high, for sure.

As for me having a better avg price… got me… I’m at $2.56 average price. I bet you have a whole bunch more invested in them though. Are you over 4.2% of your port in ARDX?

I should buy a bit more if they have another nice drop.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

Thanks for the assist. Getting ready for Hellweek #3 this week and I’m going to ghost this board again for a half-week or more.

Had a dizzy spell, bad, as I was outside working today in my new slow speed.

I’m about 15% in strength and energy today. I got to keep pushing myself to exercise and eat.

One Friday, I could want oatmeal. On Saturday, the sight and smell of oatmeal makes me heave. Ice cream? Like eating cold needles. No two days are the same. My wife has so much patience to be putting up with my trigger changes in demeanor, vertigo, dizzyness, appetite, smell, etc.

Which is my way of apologizing if I seem too flip, irreverent, etc. Chemo brain sure makes me think in widening gyres by the peregrine falcon who rules my skies down here. A thought a momebnt ago, evades me, then a new thought appears.

I’m no good at long reasoning at this point in time. But, I understand key outside the box points as “great thinking” when I see it, such as your changing my thoughts about $F (which I greatly appreicate) and now I like to think I’m hardeneding like concrete in a good way when looking at all the wrong at OEMs.

That said, football is on. Just trying to pound out a quick note before the curtains are drawn around my mind for tonight.

Don’t worry about it. Take care of yourself.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

A mining firm in Canada? I’ll pass. Reminds me too much of the old scam Ivanhoe Mines which kept front running investors over and over and over. Reverse splits, insider options sales, etc.

$AMLI daily chart and data points available. Will add more later when the Beta release of this version of finally irons out the bumps:

Yeah? No. Pass.

Bitcoin mining in an environment where a new trading platform goes up in smoke every 2-3 weeks and coins and tokens disappear? Strong pass.

$LEV daily chart + data points. Pass on this one for now. I know the company’s EV busses, panel trucks, and power trains etc. going into semis.

I haven’t looked this one over in two or three years. So maybe I can look to see if these guys are selling tech to others, or, setting up “sleds” on wheels with batteries while manufacturers design the body which snaps on top?

See, I thought these guys were European, but they are from Quebec. And yet, I know reading many news pieces about bus sales here, panel trucks there, etc., all over Europe, Lion is building a name.

But where are we today?

I just don’t know.

Here’s beginning F/A and T/A and chart

p.s. Look at that low p/e like a legacy auto-maker.

Cashflow positive? I am assuming they are, but you know the first 3 letters in that word, assuming. Especially in the world of falling prices for cars. Is this hurting EV bus, truck, semi makers?

Check out the website to see their offerings on the front page:

LEV may not look pretty now, but I like the potential there. Worth watching for a while to see if/how they scale.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

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I agree. What if they are in a sweet spot with school busses in Europe and the USA?

Not even 10% institutional ownership, Rob.

Two news pieces from late December:

. . . and . . .

If LEV scales successfully, the low institutional involvement will fix itself. The problem is that manufacturing EV busses is capital intense and slow to grow/scale. Certainly not as attractive a business model as a software company (for example). I’m willing to watch companies for a long time, but that doesn’t mean I’d ever necessarily buy. If I have a “super winner”, it’s hard for a new company to pry dollars away from that success.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.

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$LEV sells EV drivetrains to other firms, such as $NKLA - or did.

I remember from 2-years ago that their “parts” business for new startups was growing and had turned profitable.

I’d like to see what newer electric busses in the USA are being offered other than $LEV and $BYDDF (or is BYD symbol $BYDFF?).

Something is going right if these folks become known as urban transit EV specialists and nothing more. Like John Deere is to tractors and farm equipment.

Worth monitoring in my book.

Digging up a few more biotechs to share later today, all near 52-week highs and SCTRs above 90.

Might have to speed post. Have to take some pills now as prep for tomorrow’s extensive bloodwork (about my 12th time giving blood in the past 6-weeks.)

Lousy football games yesterday. Looking forward to SF Giants embarrassing the Cowboys. Nick, my cool cat, is on the side of Nick Bosa.

Then Bengals/Bills.

So the few names I spit out will have the new look “Speed F/A” which is as good a spot to start.

Gone to talk to some wildlife to lower stress before the pills.