INVTA merged, now what?

I owned some INVTA stock. I already own some Microsoft also. Now that the merger has happened, what will I see in my portfolio? Cash for the purchase of INVTA? More shares of Microsoft? Not sure about this!


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I’m not famliar with the details of that one but you should have received notification telling you if it was a stock swap, a cash deal, or some combination of the above. Usually this was when you were asked to vote your shares for or against the deal.

If your shares are in a brokerage account, your broker will take care of it for you. If a cash deal, the cash will show up in your account. If a stock swap, you will find additional Microsoft shares in your account.

Should be painless. But if a cash deal, you might have capital gains taxes due for the shares. If a stock deal, they should have informed you. Often tax free. But you will want to note the cash basis of the shares you receive for capital gains when you sell.

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I’m not finding an “INVTA” stock. Do you mean ATVI (Activision)?

If you do mean ATVI, it was an all-cash deal at $95/share, so you should see $95/ATVI share in the brokerage account(s) where you held ATVI. You should still have the same number of MSFT shares that you previously owned.


Oooops! Sorry! Yes, I had ATVI…. Thanks for clearing this up for me. Hope to see the cash in my account soon then!

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Sorry, yes it was ATVI. Thank you for the information.