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Some of the features from a reliable source…


The only problem I have at the moment, which I haven’t seriously chases is I cannot download photos using Image Capture… It did an update the first time I tried, so maybe either the iPhone of the Mac need rebooting… Simpler solution was to email them to myself…

Anyone having problems with mail? Instead of getting a reply that comes up as a copy which I sent to someone, their reply comes at the bottom of the whole thread, so in other words have to read the whole thread to come to their reply. Am I making sense?

Am I making sense?

I read a lot of mail on my iPhone, and send some. For years. I’m not in iOS 16 yet, but with all the versions I have used I’ve never seen messages organized in a thread.

Perhaps unchecking “Organize by Conversation” under the View menu??

Called support, they are having issues with some ISP’s. Told me to contact them but were also looking into it their end. So if you have Comcast you might experience what I am having.