Taxes Processed?

I see where I can check the status of a tax refund but in my case I had to pay. I’m not concerned that they got my money since that part I did online and have receipts for but I’m trying to determine whether they ever processed my tax return that was mailed in.

Is there a way to do that? Do I use the “where’s my refund” form and just enter a negative number?


You can look at your IRS account at … If You don’t have an account you should look into opening one. I you did your taxes online then your account will show your Tax Transcript in probably 6-8 weeks. If you mailed your tax form in it will take longer.

Maybe others will suggest other ways. The IRS has backlogs that it is still working on. The delays due to covid may be with us for awhile yet.

Best of luck.

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