Is "Rule Your Retirement" by TMF for $99 worth the money?

Used to frequent this board but life got in the way. Now, I am about to retire and plan on applying for SS at the end of the year. Looking for tips to do it the best way. TMF hit me with a video sales pitch to buy these 3 guides with a year subscription. &source=irreditxt0000002&testId=ryr-ir-bundle-order-page

Wondering if anyone here has done that and if it was money well spent? Thank you!

I have access to Rule Your Retirement for “free” as part of my contract with the Fool. (Free is in quotes because I get a 1099 reflecting the price of the Fool One service that includes Rule Your Retirement.)

I find Rule Your Retirement to be a very informative and useful resource, and it’s one I’ve recommended to my own family. There’s a lot of great strategic and tactical information in it. While most of it is stuff you could find on your own if you know what to look for and where to look for it, having it all pre-researched and brought to one easy-to-understand place is certainly worth something.

All that said, personally, I’m not a fan of automatic rebilling. As a result, if I were a paid subscriber, I would turn auto-rebilling off, thus making “do not renew” the automatic choice while retaining the option to renew if I found it worthwhile.

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My impression is that the product is meant for people to plan FOR retirement. (For me, the plan started at 59.5 because there were choices to make starting then) Once you are there, I think there are plenty of free resources. If you are ready to apply for SS(and Medicare), the numbers that matter were the year before last in case you may bump up against IRMAA. A lot of retirement is about managing taxes with the rest about personal happiness and choices.

And then sometimes plans implode when life changes.

Thank you for these kind answers. I do have a financial planner and will be speaking to him before I actually apply for Social Security.
The way this is sold gives me the impression that there are things I should do when I am applying for SS.
I’m not sure that it would be possible to subscribe and see what it is and then cancel the subscription? Or I’m locked into the fee?

I will be talking to my financial planner before I decide to subscribe or not. Again, thank you for your help.

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