Is the price difference in these two Lenovo laptops justified?

So, I just bought an IdeaPad from Lenovo for $800, which seemed like a great deal to me. True, it only has a 6 core Ryzen™ 5 6600HS and a lower end RTX™ 3050 4GB, but it seems to have the same RAM and SSD as a $1600 ThinkPad, as well as a better display (at least from the looks of the specs). Are the better Ryzen™ 7 PRO 6850U and Radeon™ 680M, plus a touch screen really worth an extra $800 for the ThinkPad? Here’s a pic of the specs side-by-side:

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So the thinkpad has a much better cpu (8core, 16 threads vs 6core, 12 threads) and also the Pro 64 version of Windows. The camera may also be better as well. If you are a pro user you might want the Thinkpad with the better CPU and the Pro version of Windows…doc

The thinkpad has a touch display (but a weaker resolution).

The thinkpad line is more of a business and road warrior laptop, while the ideapad is the consumer grade product. I suspect there will be a difference in build quality as well as the obvious differences in specs. It would be worthwhile to check them out in a store, before ordering one. I think if you can do without a touch screen, the ideapad will be more than good enough for the average user.


It is normal (and has been for decades) for the consumer liine of a company to offer PC/laptop with far better specs for a lower cost than the “commercial” business model. That said, the warranty and support for the later is generally far better.



As far as build quality of the IdeaPad I bought, it seems fine to me. And the model I bought is now “in stock soon” so I guess it’s popular.

I also see now that the ThinkPad comes with 1 year onsite support as opposed to the IdeaPad’s 1 year of courier support, so I guess that’s worth something. But I would have thought a laptop meant for business would have non-soldered RAM. That seems like a bad choice. Also, why do I only seem to see the 6400 speed DDR5 RAM when it’s soldered on? And does it really provide a performance boost over the 4800 speed socketed DDR5 RAM?

Finally, what does the “PRO” designation on an AMD CPU get you? Must be something to support remote management and/or enhanced security in a business environment?

PS - that ThinkPad model is now down to $1309…