Is there still a BMW method board?

A little help, please. Does anyone know if there is still a board dedicated to the BMW method?



Like this one?

That is the right topic. Thanks. The board doesn’t seem to have much (any) discussion of particular stocks. I made need to dig more. I see reference to buy/sell. That may be the oversold/overbought screen.

It is just that I am 70% cash and wanting to return to “fully” invested over a few month’s time. So, looking for non-hypergrowth companies to research. Most of those don’t have 16 or 20 years of history anyway, but being 2 RMS below the historical CAGR for these hyper’s still doesn’t make them a value. There are about 50 oversold on the 25-year screen. Some are clearly (?) broken companies but others could be broken stocks with double or triple potential over 18 months to 2 years—if history is any guide.

Thanks again for the link.



Create a new topic over there with whatever you want to discuss. There seem to be a handfull of people who have made the transition and posted there. Others may be watching the site. Give it a try and see who responds.

I may do that. I think my first stock to look at is OLED. It was a MF stock that I owned some years ago.


For what it’s worth, Mike Klein’s BMW website is working
my goto page is
My buy and sell screens are also working but I have to look into the auto update (cronjob) which stopped working,

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Hi KC!

You are right in that a stock being down 2 RMS does not make it a value. The CAGR charts help screen for POTENTIAL buy (or sell) candidates. Then one has to the due diligence as to the “why” of a given CAGR. Using the BMWM charts to buy and sell just based on a 20/30 year CAGR is a good way to lose money: imagine the CAGR of Kodak, XEROX, etc. before their demise.

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Here is the poster child for “does not make it a value”. VION. Penny stock.

Fixed and mobile telecommunications services.

“The Company provides its services under the Beeline, Kyivstar, banglalink, Jazz and Djezzy brands. It operates in Russia, Italy, Algeria, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and Georgia.”

Due diligence, indeed. 39.67% dividend, too. Except the last ex-div date was February, 2020. Back up the truck! But it did trade 1.8 million shares on Friday… :slight_smile:



On the 25-year “maybe a buy” table there are 54 stocks listed. I have identified eight that I am interested in looking at in more detail:

MRNO      Monro, as in shock absorbers
OLED      MF stock of old, Organic Light Emitting Diode
PVH       Semi-upscale fashion: Calvin Klein, Tony Hilfiger
SMG       Scott's lawn products and hydroponic (canabis?)
SWK       Stanley tools, etc.
VFC       Retail clothing, Vans shoes....
VSAT      Satellite communication
XRAY      Dental imaging and supplies.  Management turnaround

Plenty to dislike about many of these which is to be expected with oversold stocks. Several have turnaround issues. What I hope to find are a couple of not very exciting companies with decades of relevance and growth and good balance sheet and which have current headwinds that they will weather and come out “the other side” stronger with resulting in interesting stock price gains. Something like that. Imagine that!