Is this board censured?

Is this board censured? I’ve just done a post about a major aeroplane manufacturer’s latest problems and have had it ‘blocked’ in some way.

I’ve only done two post and one has been blocked!!!


Did you use a word that you intended to mean one thing that the auto-censor is interpreting as something else? Innocuous words often have a double meaning.


Not that I am aware of. Just a simple story about a plane manufacturer whose has major manufacturing problems (again). Dare not mention the name just in case.

I also suggested that it might be possible to find out what plane you would be flying on if you booked with a certain company - a friend suggested that you could as he’s wary of which plane he travels on these day - he flies on business every month or so and is not tempting fate.


I made a similar post yesterday and it got through without incident.



I put a link to their site, so that may have done it.

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No. But it is censored and moderated.

It is censored in that certain words are blocked. That normally shows up when you try to post, and the system comes back refusing to put up the post and identifying words that aren’t allowed. Change the identified words and you should be fine. It’s pretty much a list of prohibited words, without the ability to look at context. So it gives some really weird results at times, blocking what appear to be perfectly innocent words.

It is also moderated to keep on topic and to avoid certain prohibited topics. You’ll see that when you successfully make a post only to later find that it has been blocked by the moderators (usually after being brought to the mod’s attention by the community flagging it). Those take a bit more work to figure out. Going really heavy into politics is one way to get a post blocked. Having insufficient macroeconomic content or relevance sometimes gets blocked. And sometimes it doesn’t.

As to talking about Boeing’s problems, I’d normally think that should be fine. Although that topic could take a hard turn into the political which could cause your problem.

Noting your spelling of “aeroplane” rather than “airplane” makes me think you might be from Great Britain. Some bits of our common language get in the way at times. For example, when I say “tart” I think of a tasty pastry. But a Brit might think of a lady of the evening, or even an insult to women. So there could be a bit of English to English translation going on.

As you read and post more, I’m sure you’ll figure things out. Don’t get too frustrated too fast. It’s a good community here.



Exactly. And the intelligent and civil tone and tenor of your non-censored posts makes me ask for you to stick around please.

Not only Boeing needs serious discussion.

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Then there’s the Scunthorpe problem.

Scunthorpe is a town in England, now best known (in the US) because an early anti-pornography filter blocked access to its website. Take a look at the 2nd through 5th letters of its name…


One episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm involved the death of a ‘dearly beloved aunt’. Larry David was given the task of writing and submitting an obit, which he did. Of course he got the blame when the paper published the obit with a typo, replacing the ‘a’ in aunt with a ‘c’.



You didn’t say anything like “All those charges against Boeing are just Trumped up” Did you? That is going to get you deleted probably.


We are all in a position where we can get reasonably heated. This is the internet where the words reasonably heated do not apply. There has to be some moderation.

People here are generally not very answerable when spreading false information. People spread it and then walk away without acknowledging how bad their info is. I find that irresponsible. In a free-for-all, those would be the first people to push the wrong ideas endlessly. We see that at rallies. It is garbage talk. Considering there is more than one person here we do not need unchecked garbage talk.

Hi warrl! I’ve missed you… glad to see you are around.

You were the first human other than National Park Rangers I had ever come across who knew about the long term Western USA drought cycle. And with GCC and Pineapple Express the West just keeps getting crazier.

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Former Fool Matsushita complained that he could not use his name.

The Captain


Its amazing what words are on the forbidden list. Often you can get by by substituting @ for a vowel. Some I have run into include gl@ssblowing, and N@zi. And forget about talking about the N river in Africa.

The Nile river can’t be discussed?


Oh - thanks, that just triggered my brain - I had the same question; but you posing the question clicked a switch - he was talking about the other N river in Africa!


Not the Nile, the other great and famous North African river, the one near the fabled Timbuktu that made it rich and famous, and for awhile the capital of a great and rich maritime as well as caravan empire.

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So, I imagine the country of that name is also censored?

Nigeria is ok but Niger is not?

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Hey Wow! Maybe the censorious curmudgeon felt ashamed?

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nazis is allowed…2020202020

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