Manlobbi has done it! 👍🏻

Hey Folks -

@Manlobbi has created an alternative universe to these boards which looks and feels much like the old boards.

Have a look here ==>

It’s amazing what he has been able to accomplish in so little time. Mungofitch has already posted on the BRK.A board and I look forward to learning more from him over there.

For those that would like to join over there, c’mon over.

I hope that we can take METaR over there as well. Thoughts on this @WendyBG ??

(I see that manlobbi has already created a METaR board on the new platform. I did not post there. I think it would be great if Wendy were to create the first post there as a tribute to all of the hard work that she has done to maintain this board for all of us). :heart:



How do you find the Brk board? Mungofitch’s posts are enough to entice me to pay a visit,

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@iampops5 Here’s a direct ink →

You can also navigate from the main board like this:

  • Click on All Boards
  • Click on “B” in the list of letters shown
  • Find BRK.A - Click on that



I went to the new Shrewdom board.
I have two concerns.

  1. It is not secure. My computer messaged me that the connection is not secure.
  2. It requires an e-mail address to join.

I will not put my e-mail address into an insecure location.
If these concerns are addressed I would consider joining.

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Why would you ever use your real e-mail address for a message board - or indeed anything internet?


So Wendy (and all of us) can stay here, associated with The Fool, along with the user base and eyeballs and input that comes along with it. Or migrate to an off-board run by a few people who don’t like change. Sorry, that new site will become an echo chamber of a small number of people. I’m staying here.


@bjurasz you convinced me. I’m staying here.


Apparently emails are not yet validated. I created a test account using I was able to post without validating the email. I’d assume that feature is a work in progress.

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Dear Wendy, an SSL certificate will be added shortly so that warning will go, don’t worry. I have had to do all extremely quickly.

Until then you can sign up with a random long email.

The email feature is only needed for the “reply to email” feature that was with TMF and I have carried the feature over, as people like to feel they can send their posts privately to authors sometimes. We also don’t want other random people (this is NOT you) creating lots of sign-ins for spam.

Accounts are not checked for email validation at this minute as I’m releasing feature on a priority basis, and they will be validated later. So your email in any case needs to be added later (see Personal Settings link) once the SSL certificate is arranged (browser will show https instead of http).


— Manlobbi


Seriously? You have only 1 email address?
Everyone should have at least one email address for junk mail.
Or for signing up for things you might not want in the future.

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I hate to even ask after all you’ve done @Manlobbi, but it would it be possible to an edit feature in the future, as well as ability to photo photos?

Everything that you guys want (collectively) we can add. You have this freedom now. The first milestone it to ensure stability and refine the easier things (including SSL for WendyBG for example). It is a long term 40+ year project and I have had others running over decades already, so I guarantee all will be well.

Working with love
— Manlobbi


Apparently emails are not yet validated. I created a test account using I was able to post without validating the email. I’d assume that feature is a work in progress.

Email validation will be added but it doesn’t make a lot of difference long-term as all accounts with invalid emails will be deleted. Accounts that are created authentically, even without a real email (but having a normal alias and normal posts) will certainly not be deleted! So WendyBG creating an account without an email for now is perfect.

The test account you created (with the alias ‘test’ for everyone to see, and with a ‘test’ message posted to the Falling Knives board, will be deleted along with the message.

– Manlobbi


To fix the security issue, I suggest using ‘caddy’ as the web server. It will handle all the necessary LetsEncrypt stuff for HTTPS.

It’s OK to use more than one site to talk with different groups of people.


How do you pay for the server time and data storage?



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Do not worry about the costs. The ratio of cultural value produced per dollar is enormous, I can’t even measure the cultural importance for people in dollars. If you follow my career as a composer, which involves astronomically more efforts than this, then the context for why I’m helping you in this way will be more clear.


Thank you Manlobbi for a job well created



Wendy, when the browser says a site is secure all it means is that it has an SSL certificate (HTTPS vs. HTTP) but that only secures the communication between the site and the browser, it does not guarantee the site is safe or secure. That needs a lot of good coding practices and management procedures. Even with the SSL certificate hackers can steal personal information and hack the site with malware — add malicious code.

The Captain



I respect the work you put in to this.

The format here is better in my opinion. I will be staying here.

If our community gets more hollowed out that will be a shame.

How will the new boards be moderated?

The current moderation scheme here works the best of either fool incarnation.

How will the new boards you created get promoted? Or would whoever goes over there be it?