Italicizing and Bolding Text

Italicizing paragraphs can be tedious as can be bolding parts of the text. We see a lot of italicizing and bolding on this forum.

Italicize uses “ [your text]
Bolding uses “ [your text]
Underlining, “ [your text] ”, doesn’t work for MF forum formatting.

Have you ever see a post or reply that the whole body is italicized when you can tell that only the beginning paragraph or two are the quoted paragraphs?
When trying to italicize a paragraph people can use the wrong slash character which the html reads the beginning but not the end: “ [your text] <\i>” The browser will read the starting italic tag, but not see the ending one because slash is backwards.
This happens especially with iPhones because the next slash you are presented with after entering the less-than symbol is a backwards slash when what you want is a forward slash (leaning to the right). On an Android first slash you see after a less-than symbol is a forward slash. So less problems using Androids.

To speed up italicizing and bolding on an iPhone one can make a “keyboard shortcut” which will enter the opening and closing html tags that you want. Or any text that you want.

For italicizing, I made a shortcut with the tags and assigned it “iii”.
So whenever I need to italicize I just hit “iii” and spacebar on my keyboard and paste in the text.
For bolding I hit “bbb” and it fills in my bolding html tags I saved and I paste in the text.

Maybe someone can tell us if these shortcuts are possible on an Android.

Hoping this is useful. If not. … please remove.