I feel sort of “duh” for asking this question. But can someone instruct me on how to highlight and make a link of something I might want to pass along in a post.

I am using an Apple laptop computer.


For links, just copy and paste the url from your browser’s address bar or wherever you’re copying a link from. The boards will automatically turn it into a hyperlink.

For “highlighting” Your options are italicizing or bolding:

Place the text you wish italicized between the following tags:

< i >This is the text I wish to italicize< /i >

The same can be done for bolding:

< b >This is the text I wish to bold< /b >

When you type the tags, do not use spaces. You can check to make sure it worked properly by clicking “Preview Message.” If it looks ok, then you can click “Submit Message.”

Thank you TimWedits