It's been a pretty wild ride!

Well it’s been a pretty wild ride the past few weeks. Lots of volatility. The conservative guys say “Saul type stocks will get killed in a less positive market,” so let’s see how my dangerous portfolio is doing compared to those nice, sedate, safe, averages. On the year so far:

My portfolio is up 10.8% … (13 dangerous overpriced stocks)
S&P is down 0.1% … (500 large safe stalwarts)
Russell is down 2.2% … (2000 small and midcap stocks)
IJS is down 3.0% … (600 nice safe value stocks)

The average of the indexes is down 1.8%. I’m beating that by 12.6%.

Maybe picking a concentrated small group of stocks and watching them carefully isn’t so bad. (I’m actually surprised that I haven’t been hurt more).



Similarly, I am at +11.5% on the year as of today’s close. IRobot’s 20% AH drop will bring that down to probably very close to Saul’s 10.8%.

As of the close on 1/26/2018, I was up +19.8% on the year, which was utterly silly…but as of today, I might actually be beating the market by about the same amount as I was as of that day.

Me as well Saul… up 15.1% after today even with a sizable Apple holding of 6%. My only regret was on Friday that NKTR got to $99 and I would have sold had I been aware but I was dealing with a ruptured aorta that needed an endograft and missed the alert. That was a 100% return in about 3.5 months. Darn patients getting in the way of my investing! I kid of course but wish I hadn’t missed that. Otherwise I’m enjoying the ride.



Heart Doc, that $99 blip would have taken some impeccable market timing. Looks like the share price was only above $90 for maybe 40 minutes total during that day.

I am just little miffed I didn’t grab NVDA at 207.

Yeah I know volfan but I was watching it as it was rising… but I had to scrub, it got to $93 and I told myself if it went to $95 I was putting in a limit order at $97. No biggie I don’t think… I like the company so I’m willing to wait for the return.


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I’ve been really happy (5 bagger since 20008) with SA and RB subscriptions. I’d also read a ton on growth trends in the world economy which helped steer me toward which of the secular growth Companies the MF has recommended, anyway. after reading Saul’s Board (not quite the entire last year yet, I recently sold 15 of the 45 companies Of which I owned shares concentrating on those with the best 1 yr PEG and we’ll thanks! This little bump in the market would have cost me an additional 8% with little confidence of getting it back anytime soon. Much appreciated kind Sirs.


my portfolio has dropped close to 10% from the peak it reached a few weeks earlier. how much did your portfolio fell by from your peak recently?