JetZero's 'blended-wing' Pathfinder airliner gets FAA approval to fly

Its stealth bomber-like design offers “Passenger capacity of a small widebody but the weight, and engine requirement, of a single-aisle jet” with a 250 passenger capacity, competing with the likes of the 767

‘According to the US Air Force, the all-in-one wing reduces drag by 30% and increases lift — effectively reducing fuel burn and increasing global reach.’

‘JetZero said the engines will eventually be developed to run on hydrogen, which would be zero-emissions. In the interim, initial versions of Pathfinder would boast 50% less fuel burn using borrowed engines, like those from the Boeing 737, CNN reported.’

'JetZero confirmed the news to Business Insider, saying “flights will start in the coming months” to test the “stability and control characteristics of JetZero’s blended wing body design, as well as the operation of its innovative landing gear system.”