Just Bought More SKX @ $25.50

My limit order to buy SKX at $25.50 just filled. I am disappointed to see such a drop in price but happy to pick up shares at this price.



20% beating seems excessive to me based on the results provided. This is the market which can often act irrationally , so it could easily fall more from here…but the company still has a solid footing (pun intended) in my opinion.

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20% drop might still be catching a falling knife. Don’t forget October 2015–SKX dropped more than 30% after Q3’s earnings disappointed Mr. Market, then continued down for weeks.

On the “bright side,” SKX is no longer such a large percentage of my portfolio that I can’t in good conscience add to it. But I think I’m going to take a weekend’s worth of deep breaths (and listen to the CC) before I decide whether or not to take advantage of these “bargain” prices.

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