Keep following the money

LNG @181, up 200% since the December.
The continued invasion by Russia into Ukraine will keep energy stocks the only place to keep investing


There was a news story posted with a link last week claiming western European NG storage is at 90%.

Turkey has NG coming in from Iran for the EU.

NG is down considerably from the highs. The 50 is moving strongly towards crossing the 200 to trend down.

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I just saw that German natural gas usage is down 33% over last year.

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US Liquefied Natural Gas Exports Price is at a current level of 15.45 , up from 12.76 last month and up from 7.75 one year ago. This is a change of 21.08% from last month and 99.35% from one year ago.


So the input (natural gas) price is down and the output (liquified natural gas) price is up. Sounds like Cheniere (LNG) has a profitable business model.



The timing on wtic crude this morning being up over $3 per bbl is interesting. I guess those lets have all the drilling and leases we can smell higher prices with the predicted outcomes next week. So drilling more means higher prices to wall street! That is an honest supply and demand market matter.

Exactly. Tell me I’m missing something here. The price of LNG exports is where the money is… follow the money.
Of course exporters are not going to deliver at he same price contracted. Who’s going to export LNG across the Atlantic for free.