Kite's potential as an investment

I find the discussion of KITE very interesting, and I understand the excitement over CAR-T in general.

What I am wondering, and I apologize if it has been discussed…I’ve not been able to find anything on this board about this…but has anyone figured out, or at least generally estimated, what impact CAR-T could have on the share price of KITE, assuming FDA approval is obtained, etc.?

I was a shareholder of Gilead not too long ago, and when it began selling a particular medication that was expensive and selling like gangbusters, it was a wonderful thing, but it did not last…at least in terms of positively impacting the share price.

So, since KITE has been clearly referred to on this board as a speculative investment, I’m wondering what the potential pay-off is thought to be, should the speculative investment pay off. I am assuming that those of you who have purchased shares must have given some thought as to how much the share price could rise, if all goes well.


All anyone can do is offer a SWAG. The potential payoff depends on (1) FDA approval, (2)adoption of the therapy which is a function of cost, efficacy, side effects,and insurance company support, (3) the margins KITE achieves for its therapy.

My guess, up 50% after approval and up another 50% through the followingyear. If you were to accuse me of pulling the numbers out of thin air, you would be right. It is impossible to nail an accurate valuation, but we can say that this should be profitable and an integral part of the future of medicine.


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