Lab-grown chicken meat makes big step in US

Already sold in Singapore since 2020.


Considering all the pain, suffering, and blood that goes into butchering meat, the idea of raising it in fermentation tanks has some pluses.

You wonder if flavor and quality will measure up. I think I will wait and see.

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In an effort to “adjust” inflation numbers, the gummit has redefined what constitutes various beef grades a few times over the years. If people bit into a “prime” or “choice” grade steak from 50 years ago (my amusing anecdotes from that era aside), they would wonder just what that was they had been eating over the last few decades.

This piece, from the 80s, talks about the push to call “good/select” grade beef “Choice lite”, essentially passing of cheap beef as a higher grade.

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All of the standards have to adjust to the changes in preferences. A classical example is pork. Once hogs were raised for lard. Meat was a by-product. The preference for low animal fat has caused a major change in the product sent to market. Much leaner but also less tender. Cooking techniques and recipes have to adjust to the new style.

Ditto chicken. Preference for white meat causes chickens being bred for more breast meat.

Happens all the time. Not always to sell lower quality.