Lack of ICE Wire Harnesses Speeds Up EV Adoption

An informative article on why “modular” wire harnesesses - as used by Tesla and other EV manufacturers - will add hustle to the adoption of EV manufacturing by all car companies.

Subheadline: How a cheap component could help kill off combustion cars
By Nick Carey and Christina Amann…

Coakley said CelLink’s new $125 million factory under construction in Texas will have 25 automated production lines which will be able switch different designs in around 10 minutes because the components are produced from digital files.

The company is working on EVs with a number of carmakers and looking at building another plant in Europe, he said.

While the lead time for changing a conventional wire harness can be up to 26 weeks, Coakley said his company could ship redesigned products in two weeks.