LAMR sell before or after ex-div

A look at the LAMR chart implies its a good time to not own it (at least for now). But, when to sell? It goes ex-dividend in 4 days. The dividend is decent, I think now it’s considered a 4+% yield.

So do I keep it for a few more days and grab the dividend? Or will the possible drop in share value negate the $ I get from the dividend? I’ll figure out which way was the best to go next week.

I’m also not sure how the ownership is figured out if I sell the shares on the day that it does go ex-dividend. If I sell Friday afternoon (the ex-dividend day) before the market closes, do I lose the dividend?


The declared div is $1.10. The stock dropped in price --just today-- by almost that much, i.e., $1.02, and it was trading nearly $4 higher a week ago. Clearly, in waiting to be eligible for the div, you’re losing money. (I.e., trading elephants for rabbits.)

If you need further convincing that you should have sold off long ago, pull a price chart. The trend for LAMR is sideways to down. Why? Dig into their statements. They can’t meet current liablities with current assets. (CR is 0.59.) LAMR is POS stock, trading in a POS economy, and it should have been dumped long ago.


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??? LAMR is a POS stock??? Maybe it is if POS stands for Plenty Of Simoleans for me.

I have two decent size positions in LAMR. My first purchase was 10/31/2016 (it was a very Happy Halloween for me). The second purchase was 5/4/2018.

As of the end of the trading day today, my average ANNUALIZED return on the first position is 18.03%. For my second position, its 21.36%.

Those results are from dividends and appreciation of share price only. It does not include any income from covered call options. Now I don’t know if those returns beat the market or not…but I’m very happy with those numbers.

LAMR has been foundering since hitting a high in December, and I am going to close both positions. But a POS?? I don’t think so.

Next earnings is May 3rd.


On the basis of old-fashioned, green-eye shade, Ben Graham-style, fundamental analysis, I’ll stand by my dismissal of LAMR as a badly run company. Who gives a FF that you made money from it? Anyone who bought nearly anything during that same time-frame made similar or even better money.

If you want to cheerlead the third-world company the US is becoming, you don’t need to ask my permission. But don’t expect me to agree that you’re being a prudent, responsible “investor”. You made money front-running the Fed. That’s all. But the scam is winding down.


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You asked what you should do about a stock you’re hanging on, waiting to get the dividend. Meanwhile, due to price declines and your failing to have risk-management plan, you’ve lost more in cap-gains in a month’s time than you’ll ever get from a year of dividends.

You claim you did well LAMR, putting on the first position 10/31/16 and the second on 05/04/18, for annualized gains --when divs are included-- of 18.03% and 21.36%, resp. However, when the historical data is pulled from Yahoo --with divs backed in-- the compounded returns are 15.3% on your first position and 18.9% on the second. You need to re-check your math.

The actually achieved numbers aren’t shabby. The first is a tad less than what a B&H indexer in the SP500 would have achieved over the same holding-period (with divs backed in, 'natch), and the second was significantly better. OTOH, YTD, you’re hugely underperforming an asset-class you should have rotated into, namely, a commodities basket, which is yet more evidence that you’ve committed the newbie mistake of falling in love with the company, despite its sucky financial statements.

I also ran a trading systems check on LAMR. Yeah, it would have --theoretically-- been possible to squeeze out better returns than B&H. (In one case, nearly twice as much of a gain.) But not without doing more zipping in and out than any “investor” should be doing.

So, yeah. You can be happy with the money gained so far. But for failing to have a plan on how to manage your ownership of that stock, you’re now giving more money back to the market than should be done --IMHO, 'natch-- which raises the question all of us should be answering for ourselves, namely,

“How much more upside is there to this phony, Fed propped up market and economy, as opposed to how much downside?”


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The stock can be sold any time after the market opens on the ex-dividend day and the dividend will still be deposited in the investor’s account on the dividend payment date. meets my requirements to own LAMR. Payday is 3/31/22

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The downslide for HODlers was on 1/4/2022.

Would have picked up LAMR with 1000 shares and sold on 2/10/22 with zero losses for a nice 9.5238 percent profit. And you’re worried about a 4 percent yield

bought on 3/8/22 with 1000 shares and sold on 3/11/22 with zero losses for a kewl 8.9109 percent profit. And now we wait for the next buying signal.

However, for swing traders, we can make tons of dollars no matter what the stock does.

Since the 'v", we would have had 19 out 19 successful trades with zero (0) losses or 999 to 1000 percent battering average and with the power of compounding at each profitable trade.

Something to ponder.

Quillnpenn -

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