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Enphase Revolutionary Microgrid-Capable Solar PV…


Thanks MS, I am still holding my Enphase in the long term port. Pretty decent risk/reward over the next couple of years in my unsophisticated opinion.


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High oil prices and Ukrainian war should accelerate Euro adoption of solar.


TJ in the comments section.

TJ Roberts
25 Feb. 2022

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@charles1222 Worked for Enphase as a consultant, then left. Honestly, I did what I set out to do in 2016. This is really the Holy Grail article. They have the product. They’ve reached the vision, and now it is just an issue of maturation. Reminds me so much of Apple in the days when Jobs came back as a technical liaison and debuted the iMac with the UNIX NextStep aka MacOS. Love the company a lot. Stock is still frothy i.m.o., but the company’s products are strong contenders. IQ8D is due in March, so that is a whole new marketing channel which should put the heat on SEDG in C/I. Their upcoming Encharge 5P will be an incredible product — just think, twice the power and half the charge-discharge times. Phenomenal. This summer plan on upgrading the rest of my M-series to IQ8’s, and then 'll just have to view a single Enlighten system for management. Cheers.

Stock is still frothy i.m.o.,

Yeah, i read that comment over the weekend and that part jumped out at me. But +9% frothier today. It’s around 11x FTM sales (using next q projected growth rate of 42%).

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