Learning from the ‘Covid dodgers’

Well, we were Covid-free, until last month, GK drove out to CA from WV, maybe picked it up, shared, got 4 of us, outdoor BBQ, Zapped us, just last month… Mild, treated with Paxlovid, some side affects from that, but then recovery time…

Oddly, GK’s husband didn’t catch it, and she was sick on the day they left, had to go to the ER as her throat was closing down, so they lost a day, but even being in the same car for a few days as they trekked home, he never tested positive…



Oh for anyone else who needs it, Grand kid.

The study did find, however, that symptomatic individuals with blood types B and AB who were Rh positive were more likely to test positive for COVID-19, while those with blood type O were less likely to test positive.


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OK Sounds good. This is what might have cased me to not test positive even with suspiciously coviddy symptoms

@FCorelli you had the flu, not Covid. The tip-off is the total body muscle aches. Also lack of respiratory symptoms. But plenty of people die of the flu every year (except 2020 when Covid precautions also prevented the usual seasonal flu epidemic). So you really were potentially dangerously ill, just not with Covid.

I got the 1968 Hong Kong flu and will never forget the pain. I have had a flu shot every year since then. Sometimes got a milder flu despite the shot. The pain is the key symptom.

My sister and BIL had the flu last week. Got Tamiflu and it subsided rapidly.

Know your symptoms.



My wife is O- and I am A+. She got it first and I caught it from her. Both of us had aches and fatigue and sinus congestion. Her slight cough was worse than mine and she lost her sense of smell temporarily while I did not.

No. Undetermined. I know of no flu that causes my symptoms. Every flu Ive ever had was defined by respiratory symptoms and it never went away in just a few days. Also, I haven’t heard of last year’s flu vacc being less than useless. Maybe it was an off year but I haven’t heard it. But my symptoms did exactly parallel non-serious covid. I don’t know what it was but I’d rather be sick like that again than get a typical flu again. Short sharp shock, no breathing problems and endless nose blowing, then move on.