Why Some People Might Never Get COVID

This Youtu.be is interesting although it is a bit dense?
The number 1 take away (for me) is that it emphasizes the role of T-cells in asymptomatic Covid-19 infections. This needs to be explained more clearly to the public at large, which will, IMO, alleviate some of the angst about travel, dining out, work in groups, etc.

The title and part of this YT is about people who “never get Covid-19”, but there’s a lot of basic immune system information that applies to our population, regardless of whether everyone has the “correct gene/s”.

The part I liked best is explanations about MHC (Major Histocompatibility Complex proteins), activation of T-Cells (and B-Cells), and that after activation, T-Cells are adatable while B-cells are “fixed”. This T-Cell adaptablitlity is why the lack of publicized T-Cell information is important.

The last couple minutes give data out of TX (take any TX data with a grain of salt?) and the effects of vaccinated vs unvaccinated on deaths in the various age groups.
The previous 20 minutes explains part of the WHY there’s a difference.

As the author points out, each person’s reaction is different, based on MANY conditions.

I liked the explanation of the WTAGAAAYY (a protein) epitope on the spike protein that is a target for vaccines.


I also want to see better information and publicity about T-cell and B-cell longevity.
And a better explanation that teases apart the functions and longevity of the various antibodies: IgG vs IgA vs IgM vs IgE vs IgD.



I have a theory that has not been tested. I have not read it anywhere else but I am sure several Ph.Ds would say this is probable but the resources are not there to study it.

Some people are not getting Covid because they have had one of the very rare Corona viruses out of the roughly two hundred that affect humans. With that prior infection Covid is defended against. Which leads to possibly a better way to make a vaccine if that was proven.

adding just sent these thoughts to my other BIL at BIDMC.

twenty minutes later his response

“Possible but highly doubtful. Prior infection with a coronavirus does not even protect completely against reinfection with that same coronavirus. So it seems unlikely that a coronavirus infection could cross protect against a different coronavirus.”

My response…

The difficult part of my theory is the specific DNA of the infected person that would respond this way.


I have read they are doing some research on ants, because ants do not get covid.

The only thing they can figure is that it’s because they have anty bodies.