TX Cares Covid Study #4 update

I enrolled, last Sept2022, in the Texas Cares Covid 19 study that seeks to track the immune response antibodies to the Vaccines and to Covid-19 infection.
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<<< FYI<<
On 23 June I contracted Covid-19 and on 25 June tested POSITIVE via an at home test.

The hospital clinic declined to test me or prescribe anti-virals without (expensive?) kidney function test. I have NO indication of kidney problems!
I had ‘mild’ symptoms and by the time the hospital offered the kidney tests, the date was 27 June - 4 days after onset of symptoms, AND the window for benefits from the antivirals was closing fast.
The hospital acted very effectively as a ‘death panel’.

I had a ‘mild head cold, except for a VIOLENT cough’. Symptoms lasted 4 days.
On 28 June, I was symptom free (except for lingering cough - no longer so violent).
On 3 July, I tested (at home test) NEGATIVE for Covid-19.
<< end FYI<<

Wednesday, 11 Aug, I got Blood Draw #4 for the TX CARES study (The study apparently has been extended.)

I tested POSITIVE for the N proteins (antibodies against the Nucleocapsid Protein) with a score of 34.7. This indicates I indeed had Covid-19 since the #3 blood draw in March2022.

I tested POSITIVE for the S proteins (antibodies against SPIKE proteins) with a score of >2500.

These tests indicate that I have an Immune Response against both the Nucleocapsid proteins and the Spike proteins on the Covid-19 virus.

From this, MY TAKE AWAY for ME/ralph, is that I am well protected against Covid-19. I may get another ‘infection’… from a ‘new’ variant… BUT, my immune system will respond RAPIDLY and my ‘illness’ will either by Asymptomatic or ‘mild’.

I’ve seen several comments about ‘still got Covid in spite of being Vaccinated’.
The Immune system is NOT a PHYSICAL barrier. For the Immune Response to happen, the pathogen MUST ENTER THE BODY. Ie - you GET AN INFECTION!

In the BEST case, the Immune Response is so rapid that the pathogen is eliminated and you NEVER KNOW that you had another infection. Think about all the times you’ve encountered measles etc, but due to the measle’s vax, you never knew! Your immune system just ‘handled’ it.

In the ‘next(2nd) best case’, you have a ‘mild’ sneezy, coughy, 1 or 2 day ‘fatigue’ etc.

In the 3rd best case, you have a definite, but relatively mild infection.

IN ALL THESE CASES - Your Immune System interacts with the pathogen and GETS RESET! In other words, my infection in 23-28 June CREATED antibodies against the N protein, and RESET - RENEWED my antibodies against the S proteins.

NOW - I got the #2 Moderna Booster, 2 days ago, 11 August. THAT ‘reset’ my VAX antibodies against the S protein, as of THIS WEEK.
I think I am WELL PROTECTED for my upcoming travels in September.

MY take away from the Study? See the table below.
My immune antibody responses to the VACCINES have steadily increased the titer of antibodies against the Covid19 S protein. That titer has been/is >2500 since March2022.
WRT Antibodies against the S protein, I am well protected.

I have 3 friends who are also in the TX CARES study. Their results are similar to mine.
ie the Vaccines and boosters - WORK!
Btw, two of those friends ALSO had Covid 19… but early July - no, they did NOT get it from me. We are socially isolated by 100 miles. Their TX CARES tests also show Positive for the N proteins.

NOTE: These tests are specific to the ANTIBODIES and do NOT test for T-cells, the actual macrophages that EAT the pathogen, or the B-cells that produce the antibodies.
Even though the antibodies may wane, there is no information about the T-cells or B-cells.
Antibodies are molecules and ‘break’ or become nonfunctional. But do NOT require maintenance resources.
Cells are ‘living’ and as such are less likely to break or become nonfunctional. But DO require maintenance resources.


The March2022 Update thread:

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**Date		N protein	N Value	S protein 	S Value**

**Sept 10, 2021	negative	0		positive	1081**

**Dec 02, 2021	negative 	0		positive	655**

**March 02, 2022 negative 	0		positive 	>2500**

**August 11, 2022 Positive 	34.7		Positive	>2500**


…declined to test me or prescribe anti-virals without (expensive?) kidney function test.

I’d be curious as to what tests. Mostly likely a creatinine level, which inexpensive and part of usual blood chemistry tests. Now if that was already done and abnormally high, I could potentially see wanting further tests. But if you’re voluntarily enrolling in a study, usually the people running the study foot the bill for tests that they want done.



JLC But if you’re voluntarily enrolling in a study, usually the people running the study foot the bill for tests that they want done.

The kidney test was related to having an UNverified covid infection, and me trying to decide if treatment with the anti virals (Paxlovid?) would be appropriate.

Treating an active covid infection is not part of the study in which I’m enrolled.

The only reason I mentioned it, is that I had covid, which explains the “Positive” result for the Nucleocapsid proteins.