Legacy Dilemma #3 China

There are so many facts to the threat that China is to legacy, that a comprehensive post would be quite long.

So, I’m gonna link just this one example of Western companies playing checkers while China plays chess.

How GM Sold America and became China Motors. Thanks for the Bailout, though (Part 1)

Our Legacy leadership salivated over access to 1.5B consumers and now are controlled via LEGAL* agreements with Chinese State owned entities.

Supposedly TSLA doesn’t have these restrictions.
There is a cynical part of me that asks: Really?
Xpeng and Nio are supposedly “copying” TSLA. TSLA has alleged technology theft against Xpeng.
So… in response to “TSLA is not giving up anything to China”… my inner cynic asks: Really?


  • legal agreements = China can use WESTERN Courts and Western Law to withstand any challenges to the “legal rights” as dictated by the contracts.